Gangsta Boo


  1. Money On My Mental (Ft. Chris Travis) Lyric
  2. Bodies by Xavier Wulf (Ft. Gangsta Boo & La Chat) Lyric
  3. Indiana Jones Lyric
  4. God of Black (Freestyle) Lyric
  5. How We Roll Lyric
  6. City Streets Lyric
  7. Sippin & Spinnin Lyric
  8. Tha Truth Lyric
  9. Let Me Get That Off You Lyric
  10. Kill or be Killed Lyric
  11. Move (Ft. Rasheeda) Lyric
  12. Enquiring Minds Lyric
  13. Don't Stand So Close (Ft. Tear Da Club Up Thugs) Lyric
  14. Oh No (Ft. Hussein Fatal & Tear Da Club Up Thugs) Lyric
  15. Kill, Kill, Kill, Murder, Murder, Murder Lyric
  16. Suck a Little Dick (Ft. Tear Da Club Up Thugs) Lyric
  17. Fuck You (Ft. Koopsta Knicca & M-Child) Lyric
  18. Where Dem Dollas At (Ft. Tear Da Club Up Thugs) Lyric
  19. Da Ones Close, Know Most Lyric
  20. Wanna Go to War Lyric
  21. I'll Be the Other Woman Lyric
  22. High Off That Weed Lyric
  23. Be Real (Ft. Crunchy Black) Lyric
  24. Nasty Trick Lyric
  25. Nigga Yeah Know (Ft. T-Rock) Lyric
  26. Money and the Powder Lyric
  27. Life in the Metro (Ft. M.C. Mack & Scan Man) Lyric
  28. This is Personal (Ft. Project Pat) Lyric
  29. Only You (Ft. T-Rock) Lyric
  30. Who We Be (Ft. Crunchy Black, DJ Paul, Juicy J, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous, M.C. Mack, Project Pat & Scan Man) Lyric
  31. Come Off Dat (Ft. BeatKing) Lyric
  32. Like A Pimp 2015 (Ft. BeatKing & Lil Flip) Lyric
  33. Dollar Signs (Ft. BeatKing & Daz Dillinger) Lyric
  34. Ain't Shit Changed (Ft. BeatKing) Lyric
  35. Speakerfoxx Speaks (Ft. Speakerfoxxx) Lyric
  36. Mashing Lyric
  37. Slab Crusher (Ft. BeatKing & Pimp C) Lyric
  38. Bass N Da Trunk by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing Lyric
  39. That's None of My Business Skit by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing Lyric
  40. Roll Hard (Ft. BeatKing & Paul Wall) Lyric
  41. Drop (Interlude) by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing (Ft. OJ da Juiceman) Lyric
  42. Dirty Hoe (Ft. BeatKing) Lyric
  43. Paper Chase by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing Lyric
  44. Rambunctious by BeatKing (Ft. Danny Brown & RiFF RAFF) Lyric
  45. Outro by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing (Ft. O.C.) Lyric
  46. Mashing by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing Lyric
  47. Dollar Signs by Gangsta Boo & BeatKing (Ft. Daz Dillinger) Lyric
  48. Witch Brew (Ft. Fefe Dobson & La Chat) Lyric
  49. On That (Ft. La Chat & Lil Wyte) Lyric
  50. Bitchy (Ft. La Chat & Mia X) Lyric
  51. Hard Not 2 Kill Lyric
  52. They Don't Love Me Lyric
  53. Mask 2 My Face (Ft. Boogaloo) Lyric
  54. Love Don't Live (U Abandoned Me) Lyric
  55. An I Get Paid (Get Your Broke Ass Out) — Da Strippers' Anthem Lyric
  56. M-Town Representatives (Ft. Crunchy Black, DJ Paul, Juicy J, La Chat, Lord Infamous, Project Pat & T-Rock) Lyric
  57. I Thought U Knew (Ft. Crunchy Black) Lyric
  58. Same Block Lyric
  59. Dont Stand So Close 2001 (Ft. Three 6 Mafia) Lyric
  60. Wut U Niggas Want Lyric
  61. Good & Hi (Ft. Juicy J) Lyric
  62. Victim of Yo' Own Shit Lyric
  63. I Faked It Last Night (Ft. DJ Paul) Lyric
  64. Chop Shop Lyric
  65. Miss Dot Com Lyric
  66. Kill Bitches Lyric
  67. 1999 Lyric
  68. Meet The Devil Lyric
  69. Can I Get Paid Pt.II Lyric