1. High Rate Extinction Lyric
  2. All I Had (I Gave) Lyric
  3. Will That Never Dies Lyric
  4. Fixation Lyric
  5. No Quarter Lyric
  6. Self-Inflicted Lyric
  7. Negative Pollution Lyric
  8. Existence Is Punishment Lyric
  9. Holding Nothing Lyric
  10. I Have Failed Lyric
  11. The Lasting Dose Lyric
  12. To Build a Mountain Lyric
  13. Thru the Ashes (I've Watched You Burn) Lyric
  14. Awakening Lyric
  15. Repulsive In It's Splendid Beauty Lyric
  16. Counting Daze Lyric
  17. In Times Of Sorrow Lyric
  18. It Pours From Me Lyric
  19. Suffering Brings Wisdom Lyric
  20. Failure To Delay Gratification Lyric
  21. Empty Room Lyric
  22. Conquering Lyric
  23. Like Broken Glass Lyric
  24. (Can't) Turn Away From Dying Lyric
  25. Wrath of Time Be Judgement Lyric
  26. Nothing Lyric
  27. Burn Your World Lyric
  28. I Am Forever Lyric
  29. Above, Below And Inbetween Lyric
  30. You Know (I'll Live Again) Lyric
  31. Reborn Thru Me Lyric
  32. Waiting in Silence Lyric
  33. I Despise Lyric
  34. A Breed Apart Lyric
  35. Obedience Thru Suffering Lyric
  36. Vacuum Lyric
  37. Four Walls Lyric
  38. Subversion Lyric
  39. Feeding Fear Lyric
  40. My Agony Lyric
  41. The Innocent Lyric
  42. Fixation (live) Lyric
  43. Isolation (Desperation) Lyric
  44. Sever the Wicked Hand Lyric
  45. Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth Lyric
  46. Let Me Mourn Lyric
  47. The Cemetery Angels Lyric
  48. As I Become One Lyric
  49. Protectors of the Shrine Lyric
  50. I Only Deal in Truth Lyric
  51. Echo an Eternity Lyric
  52. Cleanse Me, Heal Me Lyric
  53. Symbiosis Lyric
  54. New Dawn Lyric
  55. Slave No More Lyric
  56. Angels Wings Lyric
  57. Coming Down Lyric
  58. Fall Back to Zero Lyric
  59. Underworld Lyric
  60. Dead Sun Lyric
  61. Holding Something Lyric
  62. Moon Lyric
  63. The Violent Reaction Lyric
  64. Lifesblood Lyric
  65. Let the Four Winds Blow Lyric
  66. House of Blue Lights Lyric
  67. The Frenchman's Cherokee Boogie Incident Lyric
  68. Train Keep Rolling Lyric
  69. Baby Let's Play House Lyric
  70. Oh What a Feeling Lyric
  71. Murder in the First Degree Lyric
  72. The Only Factor Lyric
  73. No More Can We Crawl Lyric
  74. Time Heals Nothing Lyric
  75. Leave It Behind Lyric
  76. Through a Wall of Tears Lyric
  77. Lack of Tolerance Lyric
  78. Still I Reach Lyric
  79. Embracing Emptiness Lyric
  80. Perpetual Need Lyric
  81. Numb Sensitive Lyric
  82. Walk With Knowledge Wisely Lyric
  83. Symmetry in white Lyric
  84. The taste of dying Lyric
  85. Reflection of deceit Lyric
  86. Ageless decay Lyric
  87. Amaranthine Lyric
  88. The foreboding Lyric
  89. Shaman of belief Lyric
  90. Teach The Blind To See Lyric
  91. A Wealth Of Empathy Lyric
  92. Symbolic Suicide Lyric
  93. The Piety Of Self-Loathing Lyric
  94. I Feel the Burning Sun Lyric
  95. Equilibrium Lyric
  96. Glass Full Of Liquid Pain Lyric
  97. Command Of Myself Lyric
  98. Down Into the Rotting Earth Lyric
  99. To Touch the Hand of God Lyric
  100. Uncovering Lyric
  101. Buried Once Again Lyric
  102. Things You Can't Understand Lyric
  103. Euphoria Minus One Lyric
  104. Dream Weaver Lyric
  105. In-a-Gadda-da-Vida Lyric
  106. Intro Lyric
  107. Planets Collide Lyric
  108. ...And Suffer As One Lyric
  109. To Carry the Load Lyric
  110. December's Spawn Lyric
  111. It's All in the Gravity Lyric
  112. Behind the Black Horizon Lyric
  113. New Man Born Lyric
  114. Scattered Pieces Lay Lyric
  115. Odd Fellows Rest Lyric
  116. On Frozen Ground Lyric
  117. Remember Tomorrow Lyric
  118. Falling While Rising Lyric
  119. Plasmic and Pure Lyric
  120. I Am the Storm Lyric
  121. Surviving the Abyss Lyric
  122. The Serpent Only Lies Lyric
  123. The Enemy Beside You Lyric
  124. Embrace the Light Lyric
  125. On Holy Ground Lyric
  126. Song of the Dunes Lyric
  127. As I Heal Lyric