Buck Owens


  1. You're Fer Me Lyric
  2. It Don't Show on Me Lyric
  3. Three Dimension Love Lyric
  4. You're for Me Lyric
  5. Down on the Corner of Love Lyric
  6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Lyric
  7. Bad Bad Dream Lyric
  8. Fool Me Again Lyric
  9. Under the Influence of Love Lyric
  10. House Down the Block Lyric
  11. Mexican Polka Lyric
  12. Country Polka Lyric
  13. Down to the River Lyric
  14. Blues for Life Lyric
  15. Under the Influence of Love (mono single mix) Lyric
  16. You're for Me (mono single mix) Lyric
  17. Nobody's Fool But Yours Lyric
  18. Act Naturally Lyric
  19. Before You Go Lyric
  20. Gonna Have Love Lyric
  21. Getting Used to Loving You Lyric
  22. I Betcha Didn't Know Lyric
  23. I Want No One But You Lyric
  24. Number One Heel Lyric
  25. There's Gonna Come a Day Lyric
  26. Charlie Brown Lyric
  27. I Don't Care (Just as Long as You Love Me) Lyric
  28. Dang Me Lyric
  29. Loose Talk by Buck Owen Lyric
  30. You're Welcome Anytime Lyric
  31. Don't Let Her Know Lyric
  32. Abilene Lyric
  33. Buck's Polka Lyric
  34. Playboy Lyric
  35. Understand Your Man Lyric
  36. Bud's Bounce Lyric
  37. Louisiana Man Lyric
  38. This Ol' Heart Lyric
  39. My Heart Skips a Beat" Lyric
  40. Close Up the Honky Tonks Lyric
  41. I Don't Hear You Lyric
  42. Save the Last Dance for Me Lyric
  43. Over and Over Again Lyric
  44. Truck Drivin' Man Lyric
  45. Together Again Lyric
  46. A-11 Lyric
  47. Ain't it Amazing Gracie Lyric
  48. Getting Used to Losing You Lyric
  49. Storm of Love Lyric
  50. Hello Trouble (Come on In) Lyric
  51. One Of Everything You Got Lyric
  52. Home On Christmas Day Lyric
  53. A Very Merry Christmas Lyric
  54. It's Not What You Give Lyric
  55. Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas Lyric
  56. Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy Lyric
  57. Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach Lyric
  58. Tomorrow Is Christmas Day Lyric
  59. Blue love Lyric
  60. Gonna Roll Out The Red Carpet Lyric
  61. That's What I'm Like Without You Lyric
  62. I'm Layin' It On The Line Lyric
  63. Hangin' On To What I Got Lyric
  64. We Split The Blanket Lyric
  65. Cinderella Lyric
  66. There Never Was A Fool Lyric
  67. After You Leave Me Lyric
  68. (I'll Love You) Forever and Ever Lyric
  69. Your Tender Loving Care Lyric
  70. Song And Dance Lyric
  71. Only You (Can Break My Heart) Lyric
  72. What A Liar I Am Lyric
  73. Someone With No One To Love Lyric
  74. Rocks In My Head Lyric
  75. Sam's Place Lyric
  76. If I Had You Back Again Lyric
  77. House Of Memories Lyric
  78. Only You And You Alone Lyric
  79. Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye Lyric
  80. You Made A Monkey Out Of Me Lyric
  81. Your Tender Loving Care [mono single version] Lyric
  82. Sam's Place [mono single version] Lyric
  83. Honky-Tonk Man Lyric
  84. Swinging Doors Lyric
  85. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You Lyric
  86. Made In Japan Lyric
  87. We're Gonna Get Together Lyric
  88. Mental Cruelty Lyric
  89. Great White Horse Lyric
  90. Loose Talk Lyric
  91. Too Old To Cut The Mustard Lyric
  92. Togetherness Lyric
  93. Above And Beyond Lyric
  94. Second Fiddle Lyric
  95. Tired of Livin' Lyric
  96. Excuse Me (I Think I've Got a Heartache) Lyric
  97. I'll Give My Heart to You Lyric
  98. My Everlasting Love Lyric
  99. Take Me Back Again Lyric
  100. 'Til These Dreams Come True Lyric
  101. Walk the Floors Lyric
  102. I'll Take a Chance on Loving You Lyric
  103. Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours Lyric
  104. Jesus Saved Me Lyric
  105. Summertime Blues Lyric
  106. Memphis Lyric
  107. Put a Quarter in the Jukebox Lyric
  108. Under Your Spell Again Lyric
  109. Sweethearts in Heaven Lyric
  110. Key's in the Mailbox Lyric
  111. Foolin' Around Lyric
  112. Heartaches for a Dime Lyric
  113. Heartaches by the Number Lyric
  114. Let's Agree to Disagree Lyric
  115. Keeper of the Key Lyric
  116. I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today Lyric
  117. I'll Catch You When You Fall Lyric
  118. Lyin' Again Lyric
  119. The One You Slip Around With Lyric
  120. Think It Over Lyric
  121. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down Lyric
  122. I've Got a Tiger By the Tail Lyric
  123. Fallin' For You Lyric
  124. Cryin' Time Lyric
  125. Tijuana Lady Lyric
  126. Out There Chasing Rainbows Lyric
  127. I Was There Lyric
  128. Rock Hard Love Lyric
  129. Crying Time Lyric
  130. Sawmill Lyric
  131. King of Fools Lyric
  132. Sally Was a Good Old Girl Lyric
  133. I Can't Stop My Lovin' You Lyric
  134. Orange Blossom Special Lyric
  135. Cotton Fields Lyric
  136. Kickin' Our Hearts Around Lyric
  137. Touch Me Lyric
  138. Release Me Lyric
  139. Diggy Liggy Lo Lyric
  140. But I Do Lyric
  141. It Tickles Lyric
  142. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin') Lyric
  143. You Gotta Have a License Lyric
  144. There'll Be No Other Lyric
  145. I Always Get a Souvenir Lyric
  146. What'cha Gonna Do Now? Lyric
  147. No Love Have I Lyric
  148. Down, Down, Down Lyric