Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows


  1. Dreamland Lyric
  2. Eldorado (by Edgar Allan Poe) Lyric
  3. The Sleeper Lyric
  4. Alone I (The Innocence Of Devils) (By Edgar Allan Poe) Lyric
  5. Alone II Lyric
  6. The City in the Sea Lyric
  7. The Oblong Box II Lyric
  8. The Haunted Palace Lyric
  9. A Dream within a Dream Lyric
  10. The Urine Song Lyric
  11. Angel of the Golden Fountain Lyric
  12. Die Bruderschaft Des Schmerzes (Die Unbegreiflichkeit Des Dunklen Pfades, Den Die Kinder Saturns Gehen) Lyric
  13. Shadowsphere (The Monologue-World And The Subconscious Symbols) I & II Lyric
  14. Just A Song Without A Name Lyric
  15. Soror (Sister Of Self-Destruction) Lyric
  16. Le Theatre De La Blessure Sacree Lyric
  17. The Devil's Instrument Lyric
  18. Todeswunsch Lyric
  19. Freitod-Phantasien Lyric
  20. Somnabulist's Secret Bardo-Life (Does The Increase Of Pain Invite The Absence Of Time?) Lyric
  21. Not Dead, But Dying Lyric
  22. Only The Dead In The Mist Lyric
  23. This Profane Finality Lyric
  24. Travel on Breath - The Breath of the World Lyric
  25. Falling into different Flesh Lyric
  26. Birth - Fiendish Figuration Lyric
  27. Time stands still, but stops for no-one Lyric
  28. Do you know my Name? Lyric
  29. Penance & Pain Lyric
  30. Holy Water Moonlight Lyric
  31. Beautiful Thorn Lyric
  32. The Feast of Blood Lyric
  33. Dark Delight Lyric
  34. Baptisma Lyric
  35. Hearse-shaped Basins of darkest Matter Lyric
  36. Leeches & Deception Lyric
  37. Extract From: "The Voice Of The Dead" Lyric
  38. Do you know my Name? / What has happened while we slept? Lyric
  39. The House is empty now Lyric
  40. No-one Is There Lyric
  41. Procession - Funeral March Lyric
  42. The Hourglass Lyric
  43. Transfiguration Lyric
  44. Has He come to test me? Lyric
  45. If Loneliness was all Lyric
  46. Daffodils Lyric
  47. Omen Sinistrum Lyric
  48. Dead Souls Lyric
  49. Stake of my Soul Lyric
  50. Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est Lyric
  51. The dreadful Mirror Lyric
  52. Reprise Lyric
  53. Infant Lyric
  54. Über den Fluss Lyric
  55. Architecture (All that's erected are Walls) Lyric
  56. Always within the Hour Lyric
  57. In der Palästra Lyric
  58. A Little Bar Of Soap Lyric
  59. Bitter Sweet Lyric
  60. Our Lady of the broken Hearts Lyric
  61. La Mort d'Arthur Lyric
  62. The simple Joys of Maidenhood Lyric
  63. Helvetia Sexualis Lyric
  64. Les Fleurs du Mal Lyric
  65. Shave, if you love me Lyric
  66. Some Men are like Chocolate Lyric
  67. The Virgin Queen Lyric
  68. Where the End begins Lyric
  69. There are Scars in the Evening Sky Lyric
  70. I cannot go back to the Way I was Lyric
  71. In the Company of Beasts Lyric
  72. When you love a Man Lyric
  73. Through the Forest wondrously Lyric
  74. By the Waters of Forgetfulness Lyric
  75. Ein freundlich' Wort einst unverhofft Lyric
  76. I am done with Men Lyric
  77. Sometimes you make me smile Lyric
  78. At Sunset through the Fields aflame Lyric
  79. In the Old House (We Made out Well) Lyric
  80. Light in the Attic Lyric
  81. If I could go back in Time Lyric
  82. Let Me Say It Now Lyric
  83. I Am so Glad It's Over Lyric
  84. Through your Eyes Lyric
  85. The Goat Lyric
  86. The Bells have stopped ringing Lyric
  87. Memalon II Lyric
  88. Birth Lyric
  89. Feralia Gentiatalia (Arrival Of The Jugglers) Lyric
  90. Menuetto Lyric
  91. The Widow's Dream (A Fragment) Lyric
  92. Consider this: the true Meaning of Love (intr.) Lyric
  93. Architecture II Lyric
  94. The Conqueror Worm (By Edgar Allan Poe) Lyric
  95. Collision - You May Lie On Your Back, If You Want To ... Even Close Your Eyes To Sleep Lyric
  96. Consider this: the true Meaning of Love Lyric
  97. Anima (I & II) Lyric
  98. Saltatio Crudelitatis (Tanz Der Grausamkeit) Lyric
  99. Children of the Corn Lyric
  100. Cornflowers Lyric
  101. The Curse of the Mummy Lyric
  102. Night of the Scarecrow Lyric
  103. To walk behind the Rows Lyric
  104. Harvest Moon (Cornflowers II) Lyric
  105. Across the Bridge Lyric
  106. On Satur(n)days we used to sleep Lyric
  107. Hades "Pluton" Lyric
  108. Lament - Totenklage Lyric
  109. The Sleeper (by Edgar Allan Poe) Lyric
  110. Die Knochenblume Lyric
  111. All good Things are Eleven Lyric
  112. Something Wicked this Way comes Lyric
  113. Tales from the inverted Womb Lyric
  114. Do you know about the Water of Life? Lyric
  115. ...And Bringer of Sadness Lyric
  116. Résumé Lyric
  117. Saturn devouring his Children Lyric
  118. There was a Country by the Sea Lyric
  119. Little velveteen Knight Lyric
  120. A Strange Thing To Say Lyric
  121. Polishing Silver Lyric
  122. Stains of You Lyric
  123. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (or: The History of Steampunk, abridged) Lyric
  124. Oh, Chimney Sweep Lyric
  125. Sylla'boreal (Embracing the Dead prior to the Service) Lyric
  126. Question(s) Beyond Terms Lyric
  127. C'Ayllagher A Dom'Bhrail Lyric
  128. To A Loyal Friend Lyric
  129. Never Trust The Obvious Lyric
  130. Memalon Lyric
  131. Memories Are Haunted Places Lyric
  132. Die Widerspendtigkeit Unerwünschter Gedanken Lyric
  133. Synchronicity Lyric
  134. Ein Freundliches Wort... Lyric
  135. Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind Lyric
  136. May I Kiss Your Wound? Lyric
  137. Ein Gütiges Lächeln Auf Den Gesichtern Der Toten... Lyric
  138. Mitternacht Lyric
  139. Beautiful Lyric
  140. Bang-Bang Lyric
  141. The Boy has built a Catacomb Lyric
  142. Carnival of Souls Lyric
  143. Under his Light Lyric
  144. Confessional Lyric
  145. You Cannot Make Him Love You Lyric
  146. Into the Night Lyric
  147. If You Could Only Read My Mind Lyric
  148. It's just that my Sadness Lyric
  149. Under his Light II Lyric
  150. Miniature Lyric
  151. I Don't Believe In Ghosts Lyric
  152. One Day my Prince will come Lyric
  153. Cornucopia d'Amour (Füllhorn der Liebe) Lyric
  154. Sleep (or: It Is Safe To Sleep Alone) Lyric
  155. Hello Lyric
  156. At the Stroke of Midnight gently Lyric
  157. Starlight seen through Veils of Tears Lyric
  158. Powder Lyric
  159. Where the ancient Laurel grows Lyric
  160. I Fell For One (Who Loves Me Not) Lyric
  161. Holding out for a Hero Lyric
  162. The Hours of Sadness Lyric
  163. The Encoded Cloister Lyric
  164. Backbone Practise Lyric
  165. Idleness & Consequence Lyric
  166. Beyond the Wall of Sleep Lyric
  167. We have a Dog to exercise Lyric
  168. The Lion's Promise Lyric
  169. The Skeletal Garden Lyric
  170. Consolatrix has left the Building Lyric
  171. Day of the Dead Lyric