Shawn Mendes


  1. In My Blood Lyric
  2. Nervous Lyric
  3. Lost in Japan Lyric
  4. Where Were You in the Morning? Lyric
  5. Like to Be You (Ft. Julia Michaels) Lyric
  6. Fallin' All in You Lyric
  7. Particular Taste Lyric
  8. Why Lyric
  9. Because I Had You Lyric
  10. Queen Lyric
  11. Youth (Ft. Khalid) Lyric
  12. Mutual Lyric
  13. Perfectly Wrong Lyric
  14. When You’re Ready Lyric
  15. In My Blood (Live Session) Lyric
  16. Where Were You in the Morning? (Acoustic) Lyric
  17. Life of the Party Lyric
  18. Stitches Lyric
  19. Never Be Alone Lyric
  20. Kid in Love Lyric
  21. I Don't Even Know Your Name Lyric
  22. Something Big Lyric
  23. Strings Lyric
  24. Aftertaste Lyric
  25. Air (Ft. Astrid S) Lyric
  26. Crazy Lyric
  27. A Little Too Much Lyric
  28. This Is What It Takes Lyric
  29. Bring It Back Lyric
  30. Imagination Lyric
  31. The Weight Lyric
  32. Lost Lyric
  33. Don't Want Your Love Lyric
  34. Handwritten Demos Lyric
  35. Where Were You In The Morning? (KAYTRANADA Remix) (Ft. KAYTRANADA) Lyric
  36. Why (Remix) (Ft. Leon Bridges) Lyric
  37. Youth (Remix) (Ft. Jessie Reyez & Khalid) Lyric
  38. Lost in Japan - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC Lyric
  39. Use Somebody - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC Lyric
  40. There's Nothing Holding' Me Back (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  41. Ruin (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  42. Stitches (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  43. Three Empty Words (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  44. Patience (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  45. Bad Reputation (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  46. Don't Be a Fool (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  47. Roses (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  48. Mercy (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  49. Never Be Alone (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  50. Use Somebody/Treat You Better (MTV Unplugged) Lyric
  51. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Ft. Camila Cabello) Lyric
  52. Act Like You Love Me Lyric
  53. Running Low Lyric
  54. Memories Lyric
  55. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back Lyric
  56. Ruin Lyric
  57. Mercy Lyric
  58. Treat You Better Lyric
  59. Three Empty Words Lyric
  60. Don't Be a Fool Lyric
  61. Like This Lyric
  62. No Promises Lyric
  63. Lights On Lyric
  64. Honest Lyric
  65. Patience Lyric
  66. Bad Reputation Lyric
  67. Understand Lyric
  68. Hold On Lyric
  69. Roses Lyric
  70. Mercy (Acoustic) Lyric
  71. Bad Reputation - French Version Lyric
  72. Show You Lyric
  73. One of Those Nights Lyric
  74. Stitches - Seeb Remix (Ft. Seeb) Lyric
  75. Stitches - darksiide Remix (Ft. Darksiide) Lyric
  76. The Weight (Live) Lyric
  77. Treat You Better (Live) Lyric
  78. Lights On (Live) Lyric
  79. I Don't Even Know Your Name / Aftertaste / Kid In Love / I Want You Back (Live Medley) Lyric
  80. Bad Reputation (Live) Lyric
  81. Ruin (Live) Lyric
  82. Life of the Party (Live) Lyric
  83. Three Empty Words (Live) Lyric
  84. Don't Be a Fool (Live) Lyric
  85. Mercy (Live) Lyric
  86. Never Be Alone / Hey There Delilah (Live Medley) Lyric
  87. Stitches (Live) Lyric
  88. Live At Madison Square Garden [Tracklist + Album Art] Lyric