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  1. Touch That Body Lyric
  2. Be Like That Sometimes Lyric
  3. Pretty Lady Lyric
  4. Who Can You Trust Lyric
  5. If You Love Me Lyric
  6. Spanish Eyes Lyric
  7. Is This Pain Our Pleasure Lyric
  8. Call Me Lyric
  9. This Day, This Minute, Right Now Lyric
  10. Just the Man for You Lyric
  11. Tonight Lyric
  12. Leave Me Alone Lyric
  13. I Want It Lyric
  14. Walk On Lyric
  15. Nothin' Left To Say (Live Yoshi's San Francisco) Lyric
  16. Caught My Eye Lyric
  17. Unsung Lyric
  18. Not My Daddy by Kelly Price (Ft. Stokley) Lyric
  19. Change Your Mind Lyric
  20. You Don't Have to Hurt No More Lyric
  21. Gettin' It On Lyric
  22. What Kind of Man Would I Be? Lyric
  23. Let Me Be The One Lyric
  24. Ain't Hookin' Me Up Enough Lyric
  25. Funky Weekend Lyric
  26. I Want It Again Lyric
  27. On & On Lyric
  28. The Never That You'll Never Know Lyric
  29. Raise Up Lyric
  30. On & On (Reprise) Lyric
  31. Sometimes Lyric
  32. Missing Lyric
  33. If It Wasn't for Your Love Lyric
  34. Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto Lyric
  35. What You Bring to the Party Lyric
  36. Deep in My Pockets Lyric
  37. U Send Me Swingin' Lyric
  38. 10 Million Strong Lyric
  39. Let Me Be the One (Phife's Ummah Remix) (Ft. Phife Dawg) Lyric
  40. Someone to Love Lyric
  41. So Fine Lyric
  42. Forever In Your Eyes Lyric
  43. My Dear Lyric
  44. Single to Mingle Lyric
  45. Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) Lyric
  46. My Sista Lyric
  47. Whoaa Lyric
  48. I'm Ready Lyric
  49. Love Your Tears Lyric
  50. Luxury Brown Lyric
  51. Half an Hour Lyric
  52. It's Hard Lyric
  53. Runaway Lyric
  54. Fallin Apart Lyric
  55. In the Moment Lyric
  56. Believe In Us (Ft. Bobby Ross Avila) Lyric
  57. What I Gotta Do Lyric
  58. Blessed Lyric
  59. Slo Woman Lyric
  60. Girl of My Life Lyric
  61. Believe In Us: Reprise (Ft. Bobby Ross Avila) Lyric
  62. Completely Lyric
  63. Never Hurt Again (Ft. Bobby Ross Avila) Lyric
  64. Nothin’ Lyric
  65. Be where you are Lyric
  66. Never Hurt Again (Reprise) (Ft. Bobby Ross Avila) Lyric
  67. Somethin' (Ft. Phonte) Lyric
  68. Just Can't Believe Lyric
  69. Goldigger Lyric
  70. Gratitude Lyric
  71. Nothing Left to Say Lyric
  72. Right Here Lyric
  73. Why Do We Try (Ft. Ali Shaheed Muhammad) Lyric
  74. Back and Forth Lyric
  75. Moan Lyric
  76. Queen of Come Here Go Away Lyric
  77. Wish I Could Love You (Pimp Juice) Lyric
  78. Baby Boy, Baby Girl Lyric
  79. True to Thee Lyric
  80. Do U Wanna Lyric
  81. Are You Free Lyric
  82. Here We Go Again Lyric
  83. Try My Love Lyric
  84. She's a Honey Lyric
  85. Sensuous Appeal Lyric
  86. Outta Time, Outta Mind Lyric
  87. I Wonder If She Likes Me Lyric
  88. Intro: Welcome To The Mint Factory (Ft. Chris "Daddy" Dave) Lyric
  89. Nobody Does It Betta Lyric
  90. If The Feeling's Right Lyric
  91. Devotion Lyric
  92. Gumbo Lyric
  93. Good For Your Heart Lyric
  94. Harmony Lyric
  95. Back To Your Lovin' Lyric
  96. Always Lyric
  97. Baile de Febrero (for Asher) Lyric
  98. My High Lyric
  99. Fidelity Lyric