Lizzy Borden


  1. My Midnight Things Lyric
  2. Obsessed With You Lyric
  3. Long May They Haunt Us Lyric
  4. The Scar Across My Heart Lyric
  5. A Stranger to Love Lyric
  6. The Perfect Poison Lyric
  7. Run Away With Me Lyric
  8. Our Love is God Lyric
  9. My Midnight Things (Reprise) Lyric
  10. We Belong to the Shadows Lyric
  11. Long May They Haunt Us (Reprise) Lyric
  12. Silent Night Lyric
  13. Waiting in the Wings (2018) Lyric
  14. White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane cover] Lyric
  15. Don't Touch Me There [The Tubes cover] Lyric
  16. Catch Your Death Lyric
  17. Terror Rising Lyric
  18. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll (Rainbow cover) Lyric
  19. There Will Be Blood Tonight Lyric
  20. Hell Is For Heroes Lyric
  21. Deal With the Devil Lyric
  22. Zanzibar Lyric
  23. Lovin' You Is Murder Lyric
  24. We Only Come Out At Night Lyric
  25. Generation Landslide (Alice Cooper cover) Lyric
  26. The World Is Mine Lyric
  27. State Of Pain Lyric
  28. (This Ain't) The Summer of Love (Blue Öyster Cult cover) Lyric
  29. Believe Lyric
  30. We'll Burn The Sky Lyric
  31. Generation Aliens Lyric
  32. Notorious Lyric
  33. Terror On The Town Lyric
  34. Bloody Mary Lyric
  35. Stiletto (Voice Of Command) Lyric
  36. Ultra Violence Lyric
  37. Love Kills Lyric
  38. Brass Tactics Lyric
  39. Ursa Minor Lyric
  40. Menace to Society Lyric
  41. Master Of Disguise Lyric
  42. One False Move Lyric
  43. Love Is A Crime Lyric
  44. Sins Of The Flesh Lyric
  45. Phantoms Lyric
  46. Never Too Young Lyric
  47. Be One of Us Lyric
  48. Psychodrama Lyric
  49. Waiting In The Wings Lyric
  50. Roll Over And Play Dead Lyric
  51. Under The Rose Lyric
  52. We Got The Power Lyric
  53. Council for the Cauldron Lyric
  54. Psychopath Lyric
  55. Save Me Lyric
  56. Red Rum Lyric
  57. Love You To Pieces Lyric
  58. Flesheater Lyric
  59. Warfare Lyric
  60. Godiva Lyric
  61. Rod Of Iron Lyric
  62. Warfare (live demo) (alternate version) Lyric
  63. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Lyric
  64. Give 'em The Axe (remixed) Lyric
  65. Rod Of Iron (Live) Lyric
  66. Me Against The World Lyric
  67. Shock Lyric
  68. Outcast Lyric
  69. Den of Thieves Lyric
  70. Visual Lies Lyric
  71. Eyes of a Stranger Lyric
  72. Lord Of The Flies Lyric
  73. Voyeur (I'm Watching You) Lyric
  74. Visions Lyric
  75. Me Against the World (live demo) Lyric
  76. Visual Lies (live demo) Lyric
  77. Me Against the World (Bat2the Skull remix) (live demo) Lyric
  78. No Time To Lose Lyric
  79. Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney cover) Lyric
  80. Kiss Of Death Lyric
  81. American Metal Lyric
  82. Give 'Em The Axe Lyric
  83. Dead Serious Lyric
  84. (Wake Up) Time To Die Lyric
  85. Abnormal Lyric
  86. Appointment With Death Lyric
  87. Live Forever Lyric
  88. Bloody Tears Lyric
  89. The Death of Love Lyric
  90. Tomorrow Never Comes Lyric
  91. Under Your Skin Lyric
  92. Perfect World (I Don't Wanna Live) Lyric
  93. Somthin's Crawlin' Lyric
  94. (We Are) The Only Ones Lyric
  95. Darker Side Lyric
  96. Tomorrow Never Comes (Acoustic) Lyric