Little River Band


  1. Shut Down, Turn Off Lyric
  2. Light of Day Lyric
  3. Fall from Paradise Lyric
  4. Hard Life (Prelude) Lyric
  5. Sanity's Side Lyric
  6. Mistress of Mine Lyric
  7. The Rumor Lyric
  8. It's a Long Way There Lyric
  9. Curiosity (Killed The Cat) Lyric
  10. Meanwhile Lyric
  11. My Lady And Me Lyric
  12. I'll Always Call Your Name Lyric
  13. Emma Lyric
  14. The Man in Black Lyric
  15. Statue of Liberty Lyric
  16. I Know It Lyric
  17. When Will I Be Loved Lyric
  18. One Day Lyric
  19. The Night Owls Lyric
  20. Take It Easy on Me Lyric
  21. Ballerina Lyric
  22. Love Will Survive Lyric
  23. Full Circle Lyric
  24. Just Say That You Love Me Lyric
  25. Suicide Boulevard Lyric
  26. Orbit Zero Lyric
  27. Don't Let the Needle Win Lyric
  28. Guiding Light Lyric
  29. Man on Your Mind Lyric
  30. Help Is on Its Way Lyric
  31. Happy Anniversary Lyric
  32. Lonesome Loser Lyric
  33. Home on Monday Lyric
  34. Cool Change Lyric
  35. Face in the Crowd Lyric
  36. It's Just a Matter of Time Lyric
  37. Time for Us Lyric
  38. When the War Is Over Lyric
  39. Thin Ice Lyric
  40. How Many Nights Lyric
  41. Forever Blue Lyric
  42. Paper Paradise Lyric
  43. It Was the Night Lyric
  44. St. Louis Lyric
  45. If I Get Lucky Lyric
  46. There's Not Another You Lyric
  47. Second Wind Lyric
  48. Every Time I Turn Around Lyric
  49. I Dream Alone Lyric
  50. The One That Got Away Lyric
  51. Listen to Your Heart Lyric
  52. The Lost and the Lonely Lyric
  53. Cuts Like a Diamond Lyric
  54. I'm an Island Lyric
  55. Way Too Good Lyric
  56. Love Is Lyric
  57. Reminiscing Lyric
  58. Red-Headed Wildflower Lyric
  59. So Many Paths Lyric
  60. One for the Road Lyric
  61. Blind Eyes Lyric
  62. Relentless Lyric
  63. Don't Blame Me Lyric
  64. One Shot in the Dark Lyric
  65. Playing to Win Lyric
  66. The Inner Light Lyric
  67. Raelene Raelene Lyric
  68. Country Girls Lyric
  69. Seine City Lyric
  70. Take Me Home Lyric
  71. Another Runway Lyric
  72. Love Is a Bridge Lyric
  73. Son of a Famous Man Lyric
  74. Soul Searching Lyric
  75. Bourbon Street Lyric
  76. Broke Again Lyric
  77. L.A. In The Sunshine Lyric
  78. Long Jumping Jeweller Lyric
  79. Days On The Road Lyric
  80. Where We Started From Lyric
  81. This Place Lyric
  82. Magazine Girl Lyric
  83. Just You and I Lyric
  84. I Think I Left My Heart with You Lyric
  85. Who Made the Moon Lyric
  86. Look in Your Eyes Lyric
  87. American Way Lyric
  88. Lead Me to Water Lyric
  89. No More Tears Lyric
  90. Mr. Socialite Lyric
  91. Down on the Border Lyric
  92. Sleepless Nights Lyric