Joan of Arcadia B. Dolan

Album The Failure

[Verse 1]
Joan of Arc had a dildo named Jesus
Made of wood from the cross of its namesake
She considered the splinters atonement
And when she came it would fill her with light!
Her body was an ocean full of wreckage
Her flesh was a map of hell
That spilled out the sides of her dresses
The flabby arms of modern surrender
A smothering mother’s body
Body like a black hole
Pulling calories and emotion and her many children to her
She was childless
She was alone
She found comfort in the bible
A gravity like her own
Promising always to pull her down before she floated into space
(and space was the place she feared most)
Staring out her window
Distant planets were cold
Until a voice came to her in the night
She was sitting in her kitchen it was flooded with light
And she wandered out into her backyard
Wearing nothing but her house dress
And there
Behind the racist lawn status and the plastic fountain
She saw her hedges in flames!
“speak to me lord” she said
And the world would never be the same
“speak to me lord” she said

[Verse 2]
I killed a queer for Christ and didn’t even get a thank you letter
I let Jesus take the wheel and he drove me off the road
And though i know
He only did that shit to test my faith
I'm saying..
I’m praying
About it
I’m asking god to keep the lights on and shrink my tumors
And keep em from privatizing my job and to reach those in power!
Those who forsake this nation by not crushing the wicked &
Them who will not burn the world out of their body
Those who refuse to kneel
Them who choose the wheel
Those demons walking the earth
Building evil empires
Threatening from outside
I know that Satan
The stranger
The foreign
The invader
Is the creator of Mexican immigrants and Al-Qaeda
And lord I’ll understand if you want the earth to be flooded again
In fact my faith could melt an iceberg if you ever need a hand
Just deliver me and mine to the Promised Land

[Verse 3]
Joan of Arc had a dildo named Jesus
Made of wood from the cross of it’s namesake
And her orgasms were all omens
When she came it would fill her with right!
And when the light had finally left her
She lay ruined across her sheets
Her mouth unhinged
Her shape like a victim
Murdered, in a sleep without dreams
Joan of Arc was a warrior poet
And she baptized the world in flame
And she never stopped to wonder, for even a moment
Why “Jesus”
Never came

User Comments for Joan of Arcadia Song


Ad Strawinsky

I prefer the original. Is it somewhere still?



Any reasons for that? Or just an on the spot judgment?


josh lewis

i never made any claims of there being such. you took it out of context. if theres something you're trying to say in regards to my comment, then "hit me with your best shot." my point of view is unchanged, regardless.


josh lewis

yup, pretty much.



your redundant redundancy is redundant.


josh lewis

this is shitty and classless bullcrap


Darren Oakley

This is sick. I saw B Dolan in november last year. Was amazing! Can't wait to see him again!

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