Around My Way Aeo

Verse 1:

Don't tell us nothing if you didn't grow up with us
Damn running late barely caught that bus
Get on hear the girls just fuss and such
Be me I'm just riding not worried bout much
Get to school grab some food
Do my homework and cool
Bell ring then I'm off to my first class
Get bored quick so I'm acting a damn ass
But see me I wasn't the class clown
More a young kid who like joking around
Lazy kid but he smart college bound
Hail from a place that's just dirt in the ground
Where Ram football be the talk of the town
Not the superstar athlete but still was on the team
So gridiron glory wasn't part of the dreams
A young MLK I still had a dream
For you to know Aeo as a lyrical beast
From the Louisiana state repping the northeast
Hot as hell but God keep my soul at peace
Flow so coal but a diamond under pressure
R.I.P. Pimp C get the more not the lesser
Chasing up skirts thinking with my Richard
But they just want riches so I had to get richer
Never sold drugs cause they hotline pitchers
So I do college just to get a little smater
Get bored hit a club tryna find flowers
And the spirits in my cup got strange powers
And these powers getting stronger by the hour
Leave the club for a club that got showers
Raining in the stripclub like men control water
Girl on stage be somebody daughter
Lack selfrespect cause nobody taught her
2 kids so she dance so her kids can eat
Bad taste in her mouth streets ain't sweet
Messy out here people don't know neat
Never Maravitch that pass balls like Pete
Dogs out here do trick for treats
Just want to meet greet and beat one night
So don't be surprised when the flesh ain't tight
Hot in them pants and looking just right
But that got you burnt just for one night
Now back to the story and back to the money
Sorry darling can't turn my back on the money
Cause I work just to make these wages
4-9-91 tell me what the age is
Been a man for awhile but haven't smiled in awhile
Out the wound was my mother's last child
Since the wound my short life's been wild
Grew up in a small apartment mother two siblings
Artistic mind since a child been scribbling
Working hard to be a balla no dribbling
So I can spoil her when I have her my ling ling
Upon arrival hear a few angels sing
But for now I'm just living and I'm learning
Freezing and burning
Working and earning
If you don't get it
Then you don't got the yearning
Cause with or without you the world keep turning

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