Big Amount (Ft. Blew Flame) Aeo

Verse 1: (Aeo)

Aeo I been the shit
Nah wait wait I'll do it different
Superaeo I been the gift
Blessed from birth with an artist spirit
Trying to enrich y'all mind with this
While enriching mine with it
But the riches are in your mind
Think hard you'll find a gold mine
Hard work will bring it out
Can't let shade put your shine out
Be about what you say about
And don't flex with ya hand extended
That action get you apprehended
Grown man I don't need befriending
Show loyalty we good and winning
Striving for consistency
See hate but it's missing me
See love buts it's fallacy
Fakeness make you more a G
Makes you appreciate reality
Mentally self stimulated
Mind blown yeah I'm penetrating
Been been since a poor baby
Don't trust so can't you play me
Y'all too worried bout what's lit
Too worried bout new shit
Too worried bout his hers
No values so what's yours
Bravo bravo yeah encore
Got to make your money make more
Otherwise what you do it for
Foreign whips foreign broads
Designer threads mansion cribs
Have your goals then go achieve em
But first off you must believe em
I started out on the outside
Broke the lock to get inside
Now I'm in the building can't see a ceiling
Fuck y'all I'll get in my feelings
Who said it was a bad thing
Think back ML King
Strong feeling gave super powers
To cause change in this land of ours
People dying and y'all acting out
Protests turning into riots
Going X at a King rally
Same goals different views
Blur the message more divison spews


Gone do your thing Flame
Love you bro
(Blew Flame)
Love you too familiar
Let's get this money

Verse 2: (Blew Flame)

Yeah you got it right
My big ass running paper routes
Deep outs receiving this cash

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