Yellow Tape Aeo

Verse 1

(Clears throat)
This that yellow tape shit
Fucking beats that's rape shit
It's my time you late bitch
I'm through with all that wait shit
Cloudy skies can't stop my shine
Put in work I'm gone gets mine
Need money then its grind time
On the edge and I walk the line
Loud mouth I bring the noise
I'm illy boy like Illinois
But Louisiana where I hang my hat
I'll put this whole state on my back
I forever rep like fresh tats
Got scars like Kunta back
So big chains ain't rocking that
I'm too free to be coping that
I'm original yall copycat
Skills real I'm the prototype
Flash on I'm the phototype
Mask on I'm Jason scary
Stay clutch that's Jason Terry
Bitch bad that's Halle Berry
You niggas bitches that's Tyler Perry
Bout money like Scrooge McDuck
I don't give a fuck bout fuck niggas
When I spit heat better duck nigga
I'm talented fuck luck nigga
So winter time I'm still hot
Lose man I will not
I will not cause I cannot
And I cannot cause I need knots
I need a deal call Big Lots

Yeah I'm taking bout them money knots
American Express shit

No love here empty chest
Heart locked up cardiac arrest
I'll put the whole game to the test
And prove I'm better than the best
R.I.P. my comp they laid to rest
Stay on a mission like Jonny Quest
I'm a knight killer like DeAndre
So yeah I ball the Jordan way
I'm presidential black JFK
But no Jacqueline
Just fine freaks like Marilyn
But I ain't marrying non of them
Just dick em down and kick em out
Then back to my paper rout
That paper chase all I'm bout
Should tat money on my ring finger
This rap circus need a ring leader
To tame all these lame niggas
Half of just maimed niggas
But I ain't saying no names nigga
Yall caught in the fame nigga
I just need my figures bigger
So I'm in the den like Big Tigger
Hope yall don't bring out my inner killer
Name ain't Trey Songz yo
But you can still meet trigger
Chief Keef bang bang bang then
Boom go that ticker
Name ain't Trey Songz
Still meet trigger
Chief Keef bang bang
I'd die if I was any sicker nigga

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