Crazy Aeo


It's a lot of shit that I be thinking
That I-I don't really care to be understood about
But I do want to let it out


Minset fucked up bank account bleeding
Bondage that I'm in don't stop seeping
Family asking me for answers but I'm still searching
Far away I'm reading posts and they still hurting

Listening to the chitter chat just distract minds
So I'm focused on a loaf with a black mind
Solid state unwavering ret to die behind
Anything on everything bitch I needs mine

Thinking back being broke with a smile on
Knowing it was temporary just my child home
Plans of putting my mama up in a new home
And going so hard bitches gone have to call me King Kong

That shit gone be like a ringtone

Fuck it got to get this paper, ain't no choice
Strop bred young nigga, gold voice
Lyric skills mad ill and they worth a mill
Mindset offset but it's worth a bill
Born blessed GOD got me and I'm dying trill
Can't do the fake and flake niggas give me chills
Boot baby so I'm crazy and I'm kicking shit
Nose up don't give a fuck and I been the shit

Shid you know me

Sorry I'm going in again with no hook or shit
Beat not mine I just treat it like a hooker bitch
Fuck it up no hard feelings then I'm done with it
I'm off subject but I'm still on my predicate

Pockets hurt make it work no matter consequence
Cause being broke and doing nothing like a death sentence
Predicting futures like the Cubs winning the damn pennant
That's a money reference just to skip the "what you means"
I can't explain it that's too easy got to make you fiend
Build a brand be the man make the world demand
Boss the market set the prices watch me skyrocket
Lose my mind make a profit haters gone knock it

Pray for wins tryna do it with minimal sins
You ain't bout ends then we ain't friends no need to speak again
Can't work for sheep when you a shepard and that's bottom line
Fix another man plate and you're starving fix your bottom line

I'm just saying though

Bitch I'm petty I need fetty I ain't talking wap
Talking guap need it in knots and I mean alot
Don't trip on struggle when it's really all I've ever known
Since ninety-one I been in it twenty-five strong
Never once dropped a tear cause it was too hard
Just said this yo motivation nigga go hard
You got fix it if you want it and it's on yo shoulders
So fuck a chip, in my mind I had to tote a boulder

Talking heavy shit nigga

Got older got bigger, mind got sicker
Got out got started, mom got sicker
Still tryna get that house, ain't shit changed
Cause I know when I needed she the one who got my shit changed
Feel the pain preserve, I'm riding like Revere
Let's get it clear, I'm in your ear, and you can hear the sear
Next the sizzle, then the spark, then the flame start
Exploding with this heat, can't stop a supernova
I'm taking over, on a global, I'm like Tums and soda
Keep it tribal, fuck a rival, I'm my own idol
Different views, seeing angles with the eye of bengals
Focused vision, no distractions, I don't see illusions
People worry about the next and wonder why they losing
I see the shit, crack a smile, find it so amusing
Those kinda traits and me could never ever be congruent
Money magnet magistrate, respect what I'm doing
Money talk universa,l and I speak it fluent
You understand me even with this southern dialect
Don't care the convo, long as in the end I collect
Bout a dollar, bounty hunter, talking necks for checks
Talking bodies, slitting throats, take no disrespect
Can't be weak, like a chick giving cheeks for cheap
I earn my Gs like a G till I RIP
They say I'm crazy, I ain't crazy but I can show you crazy

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