Hold Up Aeo


Hold up they don't want me to kill this
Slow down they don't want me to wreck this
Back up they want me to merk this
But jade said Eo yo you got to do this
Can't y'all see ain't another artist like me
And every word I speak I promise that I write B
Hold up I won't ever give a fuck
So let me start this off by getting some shit off though

First off fuck every cop that ever clap off
Turning an innocent nigga lights off
You know the type that pull you for a tail light
Then they take your whole life
I know that just ain't right
Now two I ain't vote in this election
Knowing I'm in Texas red the electoral selection

O three well I don't know
Maybe the fact that racism so strong we won't admit it
So we just hoping and hoping hoping and hoping People just forget it
Hoping people somehow forget it
So with no further ado I'll open up with my view

Honestly I don't feel safe when surrounded
By people and it's no black faces around me
So I'm part of the problem
Help me find the answer
Please help me find the answer
Predetermined preference and it's killing more than cancer
Killing more than cancer
More viral than cancer
What I'm saying is we have to change how we view shit
If we want new shit
Don't fall victim to the bullshit
I know great people many races
No need in racing to conclusion of no inclusion
Based on complexion take your own direction
We don't need sections we need equal protection
But when your protector your assailant
And your jury not your peers
And your judge don't care
What else would you expect but BLM
Cause we getting killed everyday every way in society
And if this goes on too long it won't be no we
So apologies for tryna preserve we
From he she them we you me
Whoever it need be
Its what it's gone be what it must be
Till the end B, that's till the E-N-D

But this melony gone be popping
And the bodies stop dropping
When the cop start copping
And the laws get legal
God body been regal
This skin been in
But the tone don't matter
But black lives matter
I'm just tired of blood splatter
For no got damn reason
Stop hunting us like its nigga season

Let me finish off on a positive vibe
I got love for everybody dead and alive
It's just within this body I have so much pride
Hurts me when people have to take the early ride
But my faith in GOD so I don't have a worry
Cause I know in the end HE who writes the final story

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