M.I.A. Aeo


Damn I ain't seen her smile in a while
Think she got a slight control of me
She just text "baby come hold me"
And I'm in the car and I'm on my way
Told myself not to do the shit
How could I be so foolish
I think that she a puppeteer
Guess that make me the puppet here
Shawty crazy man she loco
Sexy skin a bittersweet cocoa
She's never took a bad photo
And move like a dancer at a go go
I know that I shouldn't go
But I can't seem to say no
Cause with her I always have a ball
She touch me and I'm standing tall
Salute, I treat her like the troops
She general if we a group
I'm C.I.C. with D.O.D
That's commander in chief
With dick on demand
I'm her biggest fan
And she let me dance in her pants
And I don't throw no bands
But I do beat like a band
And that's from the snare to the bass
She crazy with a pretty face
She don't preach to me like Mase
She just want to taste while I taste
She just want to taste while taste
She told me that when I left
Before in such haste
I left her sad, sad with bad taste
So when I come, she better cum, good
No explaining undercover, what's understood
Cause if she good I'm good
We chill and do our thang
And she dripping wet
Like rain, sliding down a window pane
I go deep, and she love that pain
Say she miss the way I felt
And that box so warm I melt
So we do what we do
When alone and it's just us two
When alone and it's just us two
We do what we do
When alone and just us two

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