3xs in a Row ft Blew Flame (Ft. Blew Flame) Aeo

Verse 1 (Blew Flame)

The sum of all fears

Verse 2 (Aeo)

No 3 times
Its I and I
That's 1 time
For my 1 times
This body bag here just for fun times
Eo go flow on the mic Barbara son shine
Now I switch the rhyme scheme
Flow wet fro sheen
Ho wet ding ding
Kill that no thing
Back to my skill set
I'm too set been ret
Why we ain't blow yet
Treat the beat so treach
Y'all treacherous but ain't ret for this
Get back I see fangs
I see fakes like dead people
Got a sixth sense for the nonsense
Don't mind the 2 cents
I'm big face y'all just wastes
Equip for the hatred
Carrying aces
All my nigga straight Jasons
That's straight face killer mindset
And my mind set on my goals
Turning up my black nose
And treating y'all like bad hoes
With great bodies and no minds
In other words, just fuck you

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