Verse 1

Ok I'll go now
Aeo with the flow
Bars on lock
You can't go
X's in line
Tic tac toe
Take my time
Y'all just slow
I coxswain
Bitch just row
I got that mane
Watch me roar
I'm teaching eagles how to soar
And that gin win
Everytime I pour
Make me act out
But I'm no actor
I just act a fool
Swimming through these pool
Chilling with my niggas
Just keep it cool
Have some forbidden fruit
Picky eater though
Can't trust em all
Look at Judith bro
I just made a circle
You saw a square
Saw a situation
Changed the here for there
Hope I didn't lose you
I just like to ruse you
Was given nothing
So I made nothing
I had to take my chances
Don't care whose it was
That's a law of mass
And I done did the math
In class an ass
But flying colors pass
More than meets the eye
But that's cause I's lie
But you can't hear
Got to see through your ear
The picture is vivid
I paint a masterpiece
And that's cause I live it
Beauty till I cease
I build a fold
Like a crease
It's my building
I'm just letting you lease
My apple pie
And you can't have no peace
And I'm blessed
Everytime my air release
It's a blessing everytime my air release, nigga

I know I lost you a time or two

Verse 2

But I got to do it a time and two
So you understand what I do it for
With my flow you need an oar
With every bar I give you more
Spit this shit like a barstool
Packed seats like I carpool
Driving through rain
Fast as Usain
Now that's the membrane
Gone insane
One car, two lanes
Riding the wave, still Tulane
Green flowing, still Tulane
Now change for change
Nigga that's too lame
I remain the same, that's unshame
And if you feel the same
And if you feel the same
You better fuck with me
Cause you know I got it
I got it I got it I got it

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