Birthday Cake Aeo


Told her bring that cake to a real nigga
She only cut the cake with a real nigga
She say ain't nothing nicier than a real nigga
I like to lick the icing like a real nigga
Got a couple bills for a meal with ya
Turn ya ass to meal how I deal with ya
You don't got bills she don't deal with ya
And I don't blame her on the real nigga
Cause shawty ain't a golddigger
She just ain't fucking with no broke niggas
So don't holla if you broke nigga
She just gone laugh at yall like jokes nigga

Shawty super sweet inside of her is candy land
I put in work with the hammer handy man
She love sucking on that candy cane
When I'm done she gone need a cane
She don't whisper all the neighbors know my name
Do her like pops I go bang bang
Give her that pistol with the safety off
Damn I love the way she top me off
Like I'm riding rolling with a full tank
And I take her down titanic ship sank
She hustle I hustle we both getting bank
Shawty bow legged walking like its she know its good
Had to talk to her just to see what's really good
Did a engine check so I went under the hood
Betty Crocker yeah she make a good cake
She say she want it
Then she come and dick take
But she know I'm the, I'm the dictator
I give it to her
That baby maker
And we 69
That's a flip flop
And she so wet
We gone need a mop
Now gone and make that ass drop
Rodney King baby beat it like a cop
I love it when she pussy pop

And that's all the fuck I wrote to this song

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