Drugs Aeo

Verse 1

Man I swear that yall don't even fucking know it
So close to the edge but I'm trying not to show
Shit up in my head that I can't even fucking believe
Streets ain't where I want to be but damn it's looking easy
Bank account dry so broke I want to cry
My folk tell me
Shid he got me if I want it
I told him him that I want it but won't do it 'less I need it
He told me that he feel me
He don't do it cause he greedy
He got a fucking daughter
Need feeding
He move a lil this a lil that she ain't hungry
And damn that shit real
Cause I know I done felt like I'd kill for a meal
I mean when hunger not a fucking word it's a feel
I mean when money's not used for flash but for meals
I mean when you got to choose eating and ya bills
Yall don't get it
I live it how I spit it
Wasn't born with it
So I grind just to get it
Tend to show my ass
But not due to lack of class
Mother raised my right
But the world did me wrong
Now a nigga grown
It's fuck the world on my songs
Not meant for those of you who always hold me down
But those of you who hate and fake whenever you around
Yeah right now I know I'm down in the bottom of the dirt
But it's cool GOD made Adam with a lil bit of dirt


Na'll we can't talking bout that
Why would we be talking bout that
We shouldn't talk bout that
Yeah man we talking bout that
But why I am talking bout that
Lets talk bout that

Chorus (2x)

When every rapper used to slang blocks
When Jay started the Roc selling rocks
Black folks selling drugs o my gosh what a shock
O my gosh what a shock
O my what a

Verse 2

Well damn yall can't really be shocked
When everybody know just what's sold on the block
When everybody know a d-boy when you see him
And every lil broke hood kid want to be him
And every ho that see him want to fuck him
Damn he must be living out the black man dream
With rims on a Chevy riding slow looking clean
I mean he got everything but know he can always lose every thing
Seen on the streets as a king
And don't you know what come with being king
Everybody eyeing yo crown
And if they get a chance they take you down
I'm king so my whole fam royal
True blue niggas like the Kansas City Royals
But I know every nigga out here ain't loyal
So niggas turn into animals at night gargoyles
And they hold heat like foil
But you don't really have a choice on the streets
Cause niggas will smoke yo ass like a fucking swisher sweet
Cause everybody ball
It don't matter hopping or some crack rock in ya draws
Do what it takes at all costs
Cause we too broke to ever pay the cost
So nigga fuck the cost
So we take yours like bosses
Niggas say ungh cause they Rick Rosses




What ah
What ah
What ah what ah what a ah

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