Memory of Bombs B. Dolan

[Verse 1:]
Nightfall 5:00pm getting dark early time creeps in
Lines gets drawn to all them white kids
Blow up when the mind sees red
Trying to be the next one or call it quits
Soldier of fortune a war within
On yourself with a costly lib
But you are glad that you are dead
They also seem so fortunate like
Got the keys and the formula
Plus they got degrees and the fix is easy
You just grind your teeth and ball your fist
Recall talk that shit more time wasted is all it is
Wash your face until it force you to drip
You can't leave no trace nothing special
Sleep all day when you under pressure
All these hallways run together
In all directions in all directions
In all direction all for ever
You don't feel that lucky you don't care that much
You don’t make new friends you don’t feel their love
You got two AR’s and a few hundred rounds
And you about to add that to the memory of bombs
Buried under this town

Save me can you tell me
A reason to be
Fearing the shadows
And layers a memory of peace

[Verse 2:]
Sunrise 6:am still hang over rolling out of bed
Find your weapon hide your stash
Step outside wearing a vest and a badge
Step to the cat with an ugly question
Use that gat like a tongue depressant
The streets breathe thugs that are unrepenting
But you’re gonna teach these punks a lesson
Just came off three months suspension
For cracking some heads with a service weapon
You told your lieutenant that you felt threatened
Meanwhile the child wears no expression
He's playing with the a rose he can hold forever
And a cross made of gold gave no protection
The walls of the home bear a lonely echo
A name to remember and a son to let go
You don't feel that sorry you don't care that much
You can't make new friends you can't feel their love
So they say goodbye and they sent you down
To be kept with the rest in the memory of bombs
Buried under this town


[Verse 3:]
This is not a place of honor
These are our danger markers
Don't mistake this grave for a monument
Stay clear don't build no argument
Buried down there will remain harmful for 10 thousand years
Long after we are gone and the threat is active
Left a hazard to sleep with dragons as deep as we can fathom
Beneath the flooring a lake of poison
Beneath that lake lay the bones of warriors
Above that strata is today's Tom Sawyer
Packing fully automatics in the middle school corridors
Cut Back when the true officer killed black boys in the heat of august
And then leave them in the streets like a piece of garbage
The Kids are not alright and they're in the sights of targets
Our nights are haunted, their voices call us to recite the chorus
Light the torches, ignite the store fronts
As part of the earth, now the price of all this
The evil's old the evil's timeless the methods are known
The aggression and violence they trying contain
As best as they hide it, but it's unstable and it goes viral
The smoke is rising and we're melting down
So get into the basement or under the ground
Your life is a second in the memory of bombs
Buried under this town

Save me can you tell me
A reason to be
Fearing the shadows
And layers a memory of peace
Save me can you tell me
A reason to be
Fearing the shadows
And layers a memory of peace


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