Alright B. Dolan

[Verse 1:]
I’m only 33 but my mind is older
I’ve been around the glow of grown ups
My teen yellow theme what the fuck they showed us
Feel bad for whoever go after
We shows up like the brews of the morning
It's the blast off bring the air horns in
Na na thats not funny
I was on a hard road trying not to hurry
Rap without a barcode get the bloody money
You was in my class fucking up dummy
Getting hell of a high Vanilla ice
I bet they might crown you couple a years ago
Strange main still remain the lane still creating flow
Pick it up and put it down like an addict
Who's that scratching that scab in the attic
Fuck your swag if you never got your ass kicked
We in the mix to fix that what's happening

I’m not saying i feel good but i feel alright [x2]
I’m not saying i feel good but i feel al
Saying i feel good but i feel al
Saying i feel good but i feel alright

[Verse 2:]
What the B stand for bad mother fucka
From the broadcast build for discomfort
Ask for the bllshit i can't have none of it
Doctor told me it was bad for my stomach
Also Fuck him if he can't take a joke
Full of bad energy i’m a defrost you
Freestyle poetry pretty boy politics
Call me back in style fighting niggers trying to shit
Get no love in the city of politics
Hold it up and the heads not safely
And they not feeling you not killing me
Stole the good i did but lacked the ability
God forbid to bring a heavy Artillery
Robbing kids and getting buried in the mystery
Bomb the bridge and teaching messages to the industry
Not this shit you just a filler in this industry
We might clip your wings little parrot
My things are things that brings savage
A matter of fact i might be your parent
My caliber is well established cause
A side ain’t got my B side
And i facetime request you ain’t see mine
Till i say so need i remind
Your whole city is still my bitch


[Verse 3:]
Fast to fame style is eternal
I’m bad because time’s a flat circle
So put the platter to the needle serve you
And black out the splat and smash furniture
You want to snip a snap and turn satan
Drive up around the curve and park at a store window
I’m getting up don't piss your life away
I ran out of gas put the metal in the microwave
Hey yeah let's make it to a brighter day
Cause the bucket brigade is not coming
So let it burn because you can't say nothing
Am going to say names and hope they say something
We don't use brakes on the beats
Snitch ass websites hating off thiefs
It's ok cause i ain't even have my name or the detail
I told my wife she can leave she can take the keys
The label if they come they can put it on me
Attached my debt but that's a bad investment
I sink all the women in the building with that shit
How do i keep moving in the path that i’m moving
Seeing that lady duty to that direction
Lethal relevant to my people’s benefit
Preeminent i’m a seasoned veteran
I feel de relevant but i keep for my betterment
On my speech development


[Verse 4:]
When everywhere is war what are you prepared for
I learned to standoff and to breathe under water
With your organs on the outside jewellery downtown
I want to learn to do it all on my own and
One time looking at my phone
I got six kind of pill for different types of ill
And a right fill but i ain’t got drones
All i’m trained to do is use microphones
What they say to do is know your way home
All i wanted to be was an american poet
Get props on the site and record the moment
Then my whole city got buried and broken
So i sat down in the rubble and wrote this
The field is dry the wind is high
Fix your lips and start let sparks fly
I’m not Saying i feel good but it's fine
Gotta beat up lots of competition in the rise
I’ll be Near by if you ever doubt that
And if the world burns i will provide the soundtrack
Throw me to the walls and i’ll come back
We are the pack

User Comments for Alright Song


Tyler Mandich

Respect. The second verse is for people like Immortal Technique; rappers who claim to be fighting for equal rights but use homophobic slurs in their music and are appalled at the idea of a homosexual emcee. This song couldn't be more relevant. Condolences to the folks down in Orlando. I am on your side.


HeadTrip Villains

Holy shit why haven't I heard of you!!! You better be on iTunes because I'm buying everything right now, you amazing rapping guy.



I logged into my google account just to upvote this ultra-important track.



calling out busta with the which side are you on playing in the background....beautiful


Jelo Roc

Mad props to this man. He's not the first rapper to address homophobia but as far as I know he is the first one to dedicate a whole song to it.



an amazing rapper who also supports the LGBT+ community? somebody please pinch me, i must be dreaming


Tyler Halloran

And everyone thinks Macklemore made the first hip hop song about gay rights...



I used a portion of this video as my final project in an ethics class on my way to getting my degree in education. B. Dolan speaks for us all.


Ruth Ciara

This song gives me spine tingles. Love it.


luiz carrion

Been a Strange Famous fan since day one mad respect to all the Strange artist but Sage and B.Dolan are poetry wizards. Love these guys they changed my life for the best especially through all my bad hands I was dealt in life. Thank you again Strange Famous for putting out such great music.


Rabbit Cohen