Who Killed Russel Jones? B. Dolan

Who Killed Russell Jones ?
Why and was the reason known ?

"Not us !"
Said the members of the Wu-Tang Clan
Dirty was our brother; Dirty was our man
The Old Dirty Bastard is just who he was
He was a grown man...
He never gave a fuck
It may have been us that gave him that name
But the blame ain't ours, he couldn't cope with the fame
We've got family of our own we can't afford to fail
Didn't have time to go visit in jail
So when he looked us in the eye and said "I'm dying"
We didn't pay attention, or give it any mind
And now, looking back, maybe we should've called
But you can't blame us at all

Who Killed Russell Jones ?
Why and was the reason known ?

"Not us !"
Said the managers and record execs
Who treated each arrest like nothing but free press
Make a million off the mess and cut him another check
Everybody slows down to look at a car wreck
Anyhow he was worth more alive than dead !
He gave us a great product, and the means to an end
Our job was to make him money, it wasn't to make friends
Blame society and the environment!
Dame Dash signed Dirty the second he was released
And maybe that's less time than an ex con needs
Maybe he needed peace and to be with his family
More than MTV News and Mariah Carey
Sure the whole thing may have been premature
But you can't blame Dame at all

Who Killed Russell Jones ?
Why and was the reason known ?

"Not me !"
Said the judge
Who takes years with his word
He was given a fair trial and justice was served
Far as I'm concerned he deserved the penalty
The law don't change for fame or celebrity
Mr. Jones was a drug addict
Whose offenses were flagrant
Given numerous opportunities for rehabilitation
Leaving me no choice but to incarcerate him !
Sad fact is, a lot of addicts don't make it
It's all very tragic and I've heard the reasons given
Why people like this need treatment and not prison
But the task I'm given is to uphold the law
And you can't blame me at all

Who Killed Russell Jones ?
Why and was the reason known ?

"Not us !"
Said the owners and promoters of clubs
Who drove him to hotels and bought him his drugs
We do it for everybody and it all seems harmless
That's what you call
'Taking care of the Artist !'
He made it a job for us
Had reason to worry
Though we all took pride in our ODB story
About the time he was so fucked up, et cetera
We're not babysitters !
Not paid to be therapists !
Had to refund tickets and absorb lost revenue
It wasn't just himself he was a detriment to !
We put a body on the stage
And bodies in the seats
Don't care if he can't rap
Don't care if he can't speak !
We've got a contract that reads:
"None of it's our fault"
So you can't blame us at all

Who Killed Russell Jones ?
Why and was the reason known ?

"Not me !"
Said the fan in his Wu-Tang shirt
"I love Big Baby Jesus! Dirt McGirt!
The Old Dirty Bastard! The absolute best!
He kept It real!
He was a real mess...
He came from the Projects and I never been there
But I imagine there's a lot of people like him there
He represents the wild, savage, black !
The Unchained Natural Talent, rack !
The modern day minstrel act ?
It's so sad that he's gone, I wish he were alive !
I played his CD on the day that he died !
I bought an R.I.P. t-shirt from a store window !
Pretty sure the proceeds go to his widow !
He was a real hero, and all heroes fall
And I guess you can't blame..
No one at all

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