Rats Get Fat B. Dolan

Uncle B, can you tell me a story?
Last time I told you a story, you got scared
I won't get scared!
I'm getting in trouble behind this shit, man
Alright, alright, sit down
Here we go

[Verse 1:]
Once upon a plague in the darker age
In a big grey church on a large estate
Lived the most vicious wicked archbishop
Rich from the grain that the farmer gave
Food scraped from a platter straight
To the trash for the cats in the alley way
While half the village was naked and sick
He was king shit, God’s own hypocrite
And on the day of the feast
The same thief were parading the streets
And one child would be made to speak to thank the great priest
For the wages of peace
Many years did they grind their teeth
Swallowed their tears and prayed at his feet
Till a young man stepped up to the breach
With his hands on his nuts and delivered this speech
"Holy one who lives on high
Among all men you are the most wise
Into your war our brothers ride
From our field we pay our tithe
Yet we suffer, yet we writhe
In wretched hunger while you thrive
If you can please tell us why
Rats get fat while great men die?"

Rats get fat while great man die [x9]

[Verse 2:]
Then a hard rain came and the river grew high
Floods bring the mud food rotten on the vine
Desperate the people beg the cathedral
And for the eyes of the man inside
Who’s bothered by the diamond on his hand
Brutal cruel satan’s fighting to expand
Acquire land with the blood of devermen
Hire men for production and workers
Silence to the lamb who will suffer in service
You Never smell a rat until they hunger for murder
One till they hear a proclamation
The archbishop will unlock the grain bin
Ever poor men ran to the gate then
Hoularing his praises to the savior
Them when the all women inside then
The born shut close then they started a fire
The door shut close then they started the fire


[Verse 3:]
Food chain we can win the cast slave
Things creeping in the shade of the evening
Through the cracks squeaking came
Rats and demons scratch at the rafters in the ceiling
The bishop in the staple was sick of it from his eathle
Though he saw a rodent in the terror of his fever
For the briefest moment he thought he was dreaming
Now the whole cathedral was under sea preachers
A million is what they coming after
Bustling around in the village was he wasn't after
Running in the town with the last of the children
Coffin call to him laughing
Run for your life you yellow rat bastard
Better run further better run faster
We don't give a rats ass run backwards
Let them feed let them eat what they have to
This little story is so menacing
They live on the fat but they favoring the meat
We are some stones but they looking like some cheese
Running through the tracks with some mental disease
Is this story real it is as real as you and i
Plus i’m too old i got no reason to lie
Fo sleep little one because there comes a time
When rats get fat and great man die


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