Jailbreak (Ft. Aesop Rock, Buck 65 & Dave Lamb) B. Dolan

[Verse 1:]
Nights with the lights out, days in the hole
Mind wonder quite how I stayed in control
Tracing my name in the face of the stone
And I might turn up right under their nose
When the keyhole planks and the man comes
Do you crawl on all fours or stand up
I am upright, I am smiling
I'mma get off this fucking island
Drag me out into the moonlight
Where the wall is all around
The good men are all in their bed
The undead are all underground
Walk through the night to the break of day
I've been digging the holes the old fashioned way
I got blood on my knuckles and rock to crack
When you tunnel this far, no stoppin' that
It's no slowin' down, it's no doublin' back
Gotta go the ground and get a hold of a map
Size stroke toward hope with the ocean crashes
It may go down but I can't go backwards
Uh, bars, callin' all cars, hacks in the robo, caught em off guard
Riot in the yard when you hear the bell
Betta face toward heaven and run like hell

Hell is other people
And heaven is the chance you take in vain
And you might need to kill me, mister
I ain't going back to jail
Ain't going back to jail

[Verse 2:]
1976 was the year
Heavenly mix that eventually sticks
Not to mention the heaviest bricks in concrete
Conquerin' drum beats the honkies with tight pants
I might dance, watch me now!
AC/DC, bass take it easy, greasy guitar licks
And reading Archie comics
Nonstop rocks off in Bon Scott's vomit
Pawn shop, final 33 in the 3rd deep
Pristine dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Side one track one, deadlock, stalemate jailbreak
Wait to gain
Build your muscle, educate your brain
Stickin' my arms through the bars of the hand-held
Mary one maid, muthafucka, jailbreak


[Verse 3:]
Vertical vertical vertical vertical
Diagonal Diaz-animal, eyes half mast
Time in a flatfoot lap, on the night of his briar patch act
Give him to the fire, wish you were simple, a signal
A tripped up guard with a neck full of tendrils
Ribs to the bars in a moment of mayhem
Go for the key ring, open the cages
Say hello to a growing equation, woah
Sounds fantastic, no
Got a Giggen launcher via good behavior
Now I'm looking to enable an elusive nature
Here's how the oldest trick in the book look
When performed by coldest fish on the cook hook
It was deep in the pan with the rags and patches
After, a rearranged mess hall distraction, aw shh
Never mind cabin fever, on whisper road like it's wabbit season
I'm a bad bad man, I'm a maverick heathen
I am on the truck, I am past the beacon
I am being fed fresh red grapes by the evening
Over state lines on an '89 Sebring, bye
Pardon the commotion I caused
It was this or a me shaped hole in the wall


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Russ Riggar

When your wife texts you saying “EBM just dropped a new video!” You know she’s the one.


Josh Regan

I always look forward to new videos and I'm never disappointed. Strange famous for life!


Gökhan Yılmaz

THIS. IS. HIP. HOP. Love and respect from Turkey 🇹🇷 Strange Famous 4 Life!! 🔥


rajat chandra

Eligh too😍😍😍 Thank you Uncle Sage 🥰 Dolan's a beast 🥵


Tia Dame

Damn, you bring I back! Now collaboration with slug and eyedea and asop



Better than crumbs in the bed.


Lucid Levitas

This is the song that plays as you enter Hell