Safety Theater B. Dolan


Verse 1:

Get on my threat level
And step into a nightmare
Everything the checkpoint looking for
Right here
Right hand to God
I'm a god-damned citizen
Trace the fingerprint
The privilege and the pigment
Raising suspicion and a nation of snitches
Surveillance is the matrix
We are trained to exist in
Gamma rays shot through the body, Non-fiction
Sidewalk Stop & Frisk
Barricade, box em in!
Questions asked before we check bags
Presented three times in line, present pass
They wanna see documents
They wanna look you in the eye and let you know:
They are watching shit
Society of the spectacle
Psychology of prison
The stripping of your garments
Is a ritual submission
Belts, wallets, and shoes removed
And you listen!
So you can trade em for your safety in the sky, man
"Terror cells"
Who's buying?


We're here when you need us
We're here when you call
Look out and you'll see us
Looking back
Keeping watch

Verse 2:

Boxcutter, jack knife
Either or
Leak through the cracks
In a reinforced steel door
Feel your money clip
Clutch your purse
Sense of security
What is that worth?
My brother got a gun safe
That's a safe he bought
To keep his gun's safe
She keep a can of mace til she make it to home base
Cause walking through the city at night can feel strange
So she's ready for whatever
Wrestles the persistence of a childhood terror
She's not a racist
But the presence of a member
Of a certain ethnic group produce a slight... tremor
It's quite clever how the crime's done:
Feeling better and protected when you sign up
But when the time comes...
The insurance you purchase never covers what you die of


We're here when you need us
We're here when you call
Look out and you'll see us
Looking back
Keeping watch for your Safety...
We're here for your Safety... (x3)

Verse 3:

Open letter to the editor
Producer and director
Make the closed circuit movie of my movements less repetitive
Illustrate the digits
It's the portrait of a terrorist
Protection is a fallacy
Balancing on a precipice
Bury the dead in the collection of a hoarder
Man drew the devil and the devil drew a border
Hand you a shovel instruct you to put a wall up
Dance for your supper cause something is hunting for us
Home invasion persuaders with forked tongues
Tell you plan for the jungle when it crumbles and the Lord comes
When cops buckle and the law runs
Will you stand in the rubble of your land
With a drawn gun?

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Rich Edge

Kathleen Stubelek is simply awesome.


Sean Gorman

Plusrep for the Gamecube!



Dope. Love the video. People need to see the Matrix that we all exist in.



Really well put together! Thanks for the upload! +1


Thank you for enriching my mind.



Right On!


Roger mucroy

So sick!


Critter Leroy

amazing work on this one, an instant favorite