Stay Inspired B. Dolan


[Verse 1]
They say what do ya think, B?
I said I don't think
Call me when these young bucks
Old enough to drink
Balanced over the sink
Is how sick I am
Trying to keep my little cousins
Off Instagram
I'm trying to keep these little toys
Out my nephew's mouth
He tried to play with my mic
I told him "Go sit down"
Cause I'm a shitty babysitter
Quick to fuck you & your kid up
I'll slap him on the back
And give him whiskey till he hiccup
I know you think
I'd probably make a good dad
But the beard got you tripping
You don't know me like that
I'm a bully
Ball buster
Fully grumpy
Cock sucker
Plus the prettiest narcissist
I got it from my mother
Perfect working example
Of your worst case scenario
This is my movie
You're working to earn a cameo!
GoPro shaky hand
Panorama scope one man distribution
Jam it down your throat
Cause I'm a vehicle
No I'm a virus
No I'm a god damn
Monster of science
I'm on Facebook
I'm on fire
I try to do what I can
To stay inspired


[Verse 2]
So bury me at thirty-five thousand feet
I may be going down
But at least I'll be upright in my seat!
These flashy pre-pubescents
With medallions in their necklace
I see them with their baggage
And their entourage at check-in
Bin-odd is my body guard
I'm laughing as I step in
I hope he's going far
He certainly travels heavy
And privately
I bet he sweat the taxes and fees
You think you're ballin'
But your breakfast
That's your ass in the breeze
I'm absolutely fucking fabulous at
Smashing MCs
I'm on my Qs and my Ps
My penis free of disease
I'm in my Jesus year, Judas
Living crucifix-free
So you can hang out if you want
But don't do it for me
Cause I'm a heathen
No I'm a tyrant
No I'm a pea-shooter
Aimed at Goliath
I check engines
I change tires
I try to do what I can
To stay inspired


[Verse 3]
We was down in North Carolina
Round this time last year
On a hardcore lineup
With Circle Takes the Square
The first time it happened
Was with Scroobius Pip
The PA blew a fuse
As soon as my bass hit
I'm facing a big room
Full of impatient kids
Unaided by the amps or the mic or the rig
Lot of your favorite rappers
Would have cancelled the gig
Held it down both times
Acapella, like "fuck this shit!
If they can't give me a stage
I'm getting up on a chair!"
That's all you
Really need to know about
My fucking career
The care less half listener class
Write it and read it
As fact
Either you keep
Or you trash, Ether
I'm breathing on tracks
We don't retreat
Or look back
Sleep on my region
Dismiss a legion
I eat with the pack!
Clear the way, free up the pass
Before I put cleats
In your back
Creep with the beetles and rats
Roaches and creatures that last
Evil Kenevil of rap
Power to Buddy P
I holler "Peace"
And I leave them with that!

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Diion Armin

Good song šŸ˜µ