Graffiti Busters B. Dolan


[Verse 1]
They say that every work of art
Is an uncommitted crime
Though they paint me as a vandal
When I'm out committing mine
Follow the dripping line
You will find me in the gallery
Faded off the toxic haze
In defaced alleys
At first I did it casually
Created in the train yard
Slayed the line in '89
Escaped into the skate park
Hit the vacant lots
And way up spots to make a mark
I'm capping amateurs
I'll banish ya
I'm trained in the art
It takes heart
And talent
Years of practice
Respected by my rival
Cause I'm peerless at it
My method is perfected
A professional routine
I may be the most meticulous
This city's ever seen
Who could get the place clean
From the heavens to the gutter
I'm famous All City
From the way I run the buffer

Graffiti Busters run your city
We get up all over town
Soon as you do a piece
We come around
And take it down
(Take it down)
Take it down
(Take it down)
Take it down
(Take it down in your neighborhood)
Graffiti Busters on the scene
Before you piece was even done
Soon as you make a change
We put it back the way it was
(The way it was)
The way it was
(The way it was)
The way it was
(The way it was in your neighborhood)

[Verse 2]
Stripping the stain
From the places you've been
By the way
Could take me days
To erase what you did
What a job
What a sick generation of kids
Violating for the sake of writing
Names on shit
That's why I specialize in ways of
Taking paint off brick
Curate cans of chemicals
I lay on thick
No wild style's indelible
I pray on script
Untangle the jagged angles
Till they fade or chip
You know there ain't no winner
In your hip hop style war
Just a whole city
You disfigure with eyesores
How many millions
Of little scribbles do I wash?
Massacre burners and tags
Murals you find gone
Symbols of a bygone era
Get covered
Legends in your own mind
Your time's coming


I wash 47 miles of Krylon
I use a cobra snake
For a necktie
Got a white commercial van
And permits in hand
You see the darkness
In the sockets
Of my dead eyes

[Verse 3]
You want war
Hang your letters high
I will cross you out
And leave your sketch book
As a message to the next guy
Respect mine!
Toys who scatter tags
Recognize even royals
Pay the tax
The paint scraper
The straight razor
The pain taker
The train fader
The fame eraser (Who?)
The Great Satan
The name most hated
The contribution to the game
Most underrated
Bomb in block colors
Make a whole wall vanish
Give us a call we'll come and undo damage
Local business owners
Always know who your man is
The one who made the blankness
You take for canvas



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