Still Here (Live) B. Dolan

Liverpool, how y'all feel?

[Verse 1]
They haven’t killed me yet (get back)
It wasn’t for lack of trying…
Black ice backslider
Bad man, track driver, bald tire
Tested by the fire
How many times did the light die in one year?
Hundred fifty shows all
Before the snow falls
Lost touch with the phone calls
I’ll never go home again
Search the earth to further the curse
Shepard the name
Author the Word and murder the exchange
The wages of sin they paid me in have made me rich
Sick enough to drown in my own spit;
Smother my own flame
Strike a rock to light a spark in your cold heart
Suction my throat;
Emcees will never equal the ether that Dolan wrote!
Overachieving on Buddy Peace beats the overdose;
The rapid-release, active ingredient…
House of Bees vol. 2 that revelation thunderclap sequel shit!
Creature-flick tenacity; dirt in my mouth… reappear!
Up from the Underground
Sum of all Fear
Industry still fucked up
Life still ain’t fair
Rappers are still Trash and I’m still…

Still Here (Still Here)
And We. Go. No. Where
Still Here (Still Here)
You can kill the man but never the idea
Still Here (Still Here)
Still coming to you live from an Era of Fear
Still Here (Still Here)
Happy New Year

[Verse 2]
By the grace of no God and a mountain of debt
Tell ‘em I did what I could and took what I could get
Whether or not they bother to follow the footsteps
I’m not trying to guess
My guest is overdue;
I will set the table and sharpen a knife too
Occupy Everything, do not move
They claim that the game is half luck and half skill
Their faces change shape, the bone structure reveals…
Killing my own meals
Keeping it so surreal
Thirty Years War still on the battlefield
Lightning, earthquake, living is deadly!
My generation is apocalypse ready!
Blizzard and hurricane, chained to the hunger pains
We ain’t leaving; we ain’t scared!
The end might be near but we’re still…


's been a couple years since we been back
Make some noise for Buddy Peace!

[Verse 3]
Doom said it: “Pay dues forever.”
Truth with no edit, aches bruises effort
Forty days of desert
They tell me that you’re jealous
My heart is in a hospital bed, I’m disconnected
Diagnosed the day we dropped the ‘Earthmovers’ record
The earth-moved away from my feet, the world ended
He was facing down death when we met in the cancer ward
The first words he said were:
“Don’t you dare cancel the tour.”
Told me to live for him. Made me to keep the flame
Made me the man I am and gave me his own name
I carry it like a cross, so everything that I say
You can put it on my government and put it on my grave:
The last of the ‘Bearhearts’
Who mastered a rare art
And traveled near far to mark the path of his tear-drops
Never have what I lost
Nothing be worth the cost
Never be unbroken
Never have him there
But so long as I breathe air B. Dolan’s still here
Long as I breathe air B. Dolan’s still here
Long as I’m breathing air B. Dolan’s still here
Rest in power to our Father
You’re still here

Still Here
And We. Go. No. Where
Still Here (Still Here)
Rest In Peace to MCA and Idea
Still Here (Still Here)
Still coming to you live from an Era of Fear
I'm Still Here (You're Still Here)
Happy New Year

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