Album Gouttée

[Verse 1]
I’m not feeling our conversations
What’s good my nigga?
I don’t know
They been looking dry and slow
I just feel like lately we talk too much
True? just find somebody else to talk too
What’s funny ?

[Verse 2]
Little did you know I’m fucking somebody else
Imma break your heart like you did mine
Fuck I look like talking to somebody else
When you invested in my life

[Verse 3]
But the joke was on you
I know you didn’t wish to hit that button too
But it’s cool
I see all other niggas in you like too
You made me feel like I’m not great enough for you
Let me move on with my life
Don’t call me, don’t text me

Don’t be mad
When I’m on a date
When I’m with babe
When my career pops off
When them check hit

Do t be mad

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