Album Gouttée

[Verse 1]
Its cute and all when you push up on me
Got the biggest smile on my face when you call me
It hard for me to give you all I got because I can have you, have you
Let them know that you care and give a damn about me
When you could give it to the world baby
Let know, let them know that
You can't replace me
I'm one and ordinary baby
Fuckem' fall back, shit they better sit back

[Verse 2]
Kill the silence with you words now
Give to me raw, dawg!
Show the world, that you been down to ride since the 95
Its a shame that I big you up and you can't return the vibe
Don't be annoyed at the fact that I distance myself
You'd be ashamed that my presence has left your life now
No longer will be the bit to you sound anymore
Won't give a fuck about the thing that we were

Show me who you are
Show me, yeah
Scream it to the world
Show me, yeah
Scream it to the world

[Verse 3]
Damn if you returned the vibe shit would be prefect
I shouldn't have to drift for you to send all these sad faces
I ain't been the same since you became this person
I know you wan't your shine but you show me that you ain't shit
You live another life with me behind these closed curtains
Did that squad or your fam hold you down like SADBOY shit did
I hit a 8 count and watch you burn like the spliff
I guess the clout hit you like the high off the gas you been smoking

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