Distorted Vision Aeo

Album Hunger Pains

My distorted.....
.....see at all
My vision.....
.....see at all
World so c.....
I would hate to s.....
.....on my mind
.....ready to ball
So much on m.....
I just hate to.....
And on this mountain.....
You climb up w.....
.....highest high
.....pared to fall
.....highest high
.....only fall

My distorted vision
Feel like I can't see at all
My vision clouded
I hard just to see at all
World so corrupt
I would hate to see it all
Money on mind
But am I ready to ball
So much on my mind
I just hate to think at all
And on this mountain side
You climb up with your all
But at ya highest high
Be prepared to fall
Cause at ya highest high
You can only fall

I can die today
Or I can die tomorrow
Just to end the pain
Just to stop the sorrow
All the the time in the world
But it's all borrowed
So when the clock stop
I hope you know it's not the end
Really it's when it all begins
When he counts up your sins
What will your number be
Did you live in the world
Or of the world
Yea you your own person
But are you his child
You say happy
Why you don't smile
It's ok too party
But are you too wild
Savage and barbaric
In need of a medic
Looking for a savior
When you could save yourself
Tryna get to rich
Only thinking of self
But with the help of others you maintain health and wealth
Cause money comes and goes
Nothing here forever
But remember while you here
If you want better
Then be better
Cause if you don't
Then you should complain never

A-a-aight yo so this Hunger Pains here
It's metaphorical to an extent
But, I mean it's literal at the same time
Cause I mean a lot of these songs I wrote em
And hunger pains was real it wasn't a joke
It's times I wasn't finna eat at
And you listen to some of my other stuff
You go back to like on that #GotDamnShawty
And that "Drugs" was real
I mean it was almost there
So I done thought about going about doing a lot of things
But thank the LORD
I done been able to keep my mind where it's supposed to be at
Keep my focus where it's supposed to be
Making moves like I'm supposed to make moves
I been uh
I ain't been on it like I been supposed to be
But with this here I'm tryna get back right
And I mean I just want everybody to know
Like the ones who I love ya know I mean
I know I don't be there talking to y'all like I'm supposed to
But I'm really tryna do this for y'all
I know y'all don't, y'all don't think I be there with that
But I mean I really be on my own
Y'all be on my mind when I be doing a lot of stuff
So, I mean I'm just tryna make a better place for
For all us
Annnd I just want y'all to know this is what it is
And this hunger pains real
But we finna start eating
And on that note ya know I mean
I love y'all
Until next time
I'm out

Aye hold on though like real quick
I want y'all to know when I was talking about drugs
I was not talking about doing
I was talking about selling after I had got my degree
I don't want nobody hitting me up like "you good"
So yo I'm straight
Mama, I love you baby

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