Come Over Aeo

Album Hunger Pains

Aeo: Man yo I really wonder what she doing right now. Like I kinda want to call her but y- I don't know man. They be getting to think they got you when you call though. Nah I'ma call her though
*phone ring*
Aeo: She better answer this phone for real
*phone ring*
J Killa: Hello
Aeo: Hey what's up girl, what you doing?
J Killa: Oh, hey baby I just dozed off
Aeo: Ole sleepy head self. Yo uh that's what's up though. Aye um where all yo peoples at?
J Killa: Oh everybody out right now
Aeo: Oh word? Cause I was kinda wondering

Verse 1:
Been thinking bout you all day
Want to roll over by yo way
High school fooling in hallways
Your body talk and I obey
I'm master with this wood baby
You can just call me sensei
Haters try to block like dekembe
But we above what they say
So we just chill and feel
Panties I pull and peel
Your body is my meal
Ya legs you will not feel
Not dealing with a full deck
So we have that crazy sex
I come over then you gone be cumming next

J Killa: Boy you just running your mouth
Aeo: Ai-Aight, yo you playing like I'm for real you heard me
J Killa: Yeah yeah yeah, talking that again you ain't gone do nothing
Aeo: Aight. Aight you know what. I ain't-I ain't even finna be. I ain't even finna be talking this time you heard me. Like yo, h-h-how long your folks gone be gone for?
J Killa: They gone be gone awhile. What you gone do?
Aeo: Man you already know what I'ma do

Verse 2:
You grip me with ya flesh
And keep it winter fresh
Feel like a water well
Ya body cast a spell
And got me under it
Now you up over me
Girl you a thundercat
Know how to throw it back
You keep me coming back
Give you that rata tat
Hit ya with the bat
But you can handle that
I swear girl you the truth
Cause you ain't never told no lie
And ima call you angel
Cause you just that fly
Come over yo place
Gaze upon your beauty
I need that face to face
But your more than a cutie
It's depth beneath your surface
Your best curve not ya booty
Cause in your mind I found
That girl I want around
So I'm never down
Girl if you around
So lets run together
And we gone run the town
I'm Adam you Eve
Except we don't deceive
We conceive so if you let me come I'll never leave

J Killa: Oh you think you got it like that?
Aeo: Man girl whatever, come on it's me. You know I got it like that
J Killa: Ermm I don't know. I don't think you got it
Aeo: Aight yo whatever yo. Like yo so what's up though girl?
J Killa: You really think you can rock this boat baby?
Aeo: Haa-ha yo, aight so you Aaliyah now huh? You Aaliyah?
J Killa: Yeah yeah that's cute but come over
Aeo: Aight I'll be there in 20

You let me come
And I came
And you came
It was insane
You let me come
And I came
And you came
You blew my brain
You let me come
And I came
And you came
So insane
You let me come
I came
You came
Our whole life changed

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