Tin Soldiers B. Dolan

Tin Soldiers I hear them coming
We’re finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming
Four dead in Ohio…
Four dead in Ohio…
Four dead in Ohio…

“It felt like Kent State
The way they targeted the students”

With vague promises about a ‘job’ and ‘computers’
Computers that were missing from the schools that you grew up in…
Jobs that were long ago robbed from the community…
Recruiter: The Pedophile
Predatory lender
The snake-oil selling, home wrecking
Soul collector
Don’t sign no dotted line
Don’t tell em your age
Give ‘em a fake phone number
And go your own way
Not in my name and not in yours either
Young man
Gun in hand
With soft features
Already lost the class war so they don’t need the draft no more
Bombs blast & the axe falls
Don’t be the sacrifice
Slaughtered for the feast
Your people gotta eat
But you can’t feed em
When your deceased
They planted desperation and they harvested squadrons
& wonder why the classroom is littered with bodies
From Columbine to Palestine the killers are the children
Adopted by a monster & stripped of all feeling
I see them…


In the schools of violence
You will salute liars
Fuel their fire & be torn down to ash
They rebranded the whip
But still lash the back
& it ain’t shit changed but the names on the dog-tag
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s a thing of the past
But there’s a few things things they Don’t Tell you if you Don’t Ask:
The advertised signing bonus is mostly bogus
You’re thinking it’s a gift but it’s more like a loan–
If you run and spend the money when they cut you the check
But try to leave before your term & they will come to collect
And It’s a very small percent of servicemen who even see the loot
Recruiter calls, pretends to be your friend, he’s deceiving you
Fewer than 10 percent will ever see a dollar
Of the $37,000 Max Allowance for College
Montgomery GI’s a motherfucking Lie
You can’t earn a degree
Without reading between the lines
And the so called ‘job training’ isn’t real:
They’re not guaranteed to place you in your chosen field
And it’s specialized training at that
How many businesses you think will need machine gunners when you get back?
They’re lost in the air force
No safety in the navy
Google the “In Lieu Of” program and the “Stop Loss Policy”
200,000 homeless vets on any given night
#1 cause of death in 2010: Suicide
More military met death at their own hands
Than died in Iraq or Afghanistan combined
You are signing your life on the line
Every single provision in their enlistment contract
Is ‘Subject to Change,’ you think you gaming that system?
You on crack. You are guaranteed nothing
Except that you’ve become the property
Of your Government


User Comments for Tin Soldiers Song


Mr T

As a previous active duty member this song hit home. Did everything right still got told I wasn't eligible for the G.I. Bill after the honorable discharge. Its bullshit. I was glad to thank B Dolan in person. Anyone thinking about signing up should pay attention.


Michael Wise

sick as always! rapping about relevant issues in our modern day society.



It is Neil Young's Ohio but as performed by the Isley Brothers. Better version IMO.


Emmett Verhoog

also the hook is the chorus from ohio by neil young...


Shinobi Kush

Mind blowing, komrade!! UHURU!HOTEP! Real heart-felt and emotionally-tinged lyrics that are conjurers of imagery magicks.. dope stuff...thank you, I needed this.. get tired of listening to older rap albums for some semblance of consciousness and world awareness.. thanks for being uber human, homie.. be well!! UHURU!!HOTEP! Shinobi Kush Rebel General Universal Secret Society of Ronin Monks A.R.M.S. Authentic Ronin Monk Society



goddamn gotta see Dolan live in the chi sometime soon



This shit is raw!



fuck yes Neil Young in the hook!! love this


Curtis Wardle

B. Dolan and Sage are great friends. B is on Sage's record label and they have done some work together such as Film the Police.



Sick shit, in Afghanistan right now. Real....Mother....Fucking....Talk....

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