Film the Police (Ft. Buddy Peace, Jasiri X, Sage Francis & Toki Wright) B. Dolan

[Intro: Sage Francis]
Right about now, the SFR court is in full effect!
Judge Sage presiding in the case of the People vs. the Police Department
Prosecuting attorneys are Toki Wright, Jasiri X and B motherfuckin' Dolan
Order! Order! Order!
B. Dolan, take the motherfuckin' stand
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
(You're goddamn right.)
Then why don't you tell everyone what the fuck they have the right to do?

[Verse 1: B. Dolan]
Film the Police. Run a tape for the underclass!
Get the face, name, and number on the badge
They flash, we flash back when they act disorderly
React accordingly and capture all that we see
Nightsticks, Zip-ties, and Tasers
Think they're licensed for type vicious behavior
Make a tight fist with a video trained toward the Pigs
Like this. They trip and you make 'em famous
Explain to a Judge the bounds you oversteppin'
2011 time to the change our method
We aim lenses at the State's weapon
'Til they remember whose goddamn streets they're protecting
They'd rather see me in a cell
Than me and my cell with a different story to tell
Camcorder by the dash. Next time you get stopped
Reach for the celly if you wanna shoot a cop
On a public sidewalk, you can tape what you see
Or film from your window with a view of the street!
Neighborhood Crime Watch, we police the Police
They can't arrest the whole community
Because the streets clock. These cops occupying blocks
Harassing the homeless with batons, pulling Glocks
They stop lawful protests and let off shots
Abuse prostitutes and misuse power they got
In memory of the victims who are never forgot
We've gotta exercise our right to shed light in the dark
There is an army on the march that doesn't want you to watch
You've got a weapon in your pocket whether you know it or not
We, the people, are the only real media we got
Let's protect one another from the fucking goon squad
Fascism's coming to the U.S.A
Eyo, Sage, I got something to say!

[Verse 2: Toki Wright]
Film the police! It's time to make it our priority
You see these fools are in abuse of their authority
Crack a fist or you crack a whip
But that ain't power, you coward, you beat a man with two shackled wrists
So put their names up on a list next to an asterisk
Next time you see 'em blast a clip, then you flash a flick
Attach a video and pic to your master list
Be on the news at 6. YouTube views legit
The cops watch us, so we gotta have the Cop Watchers
Been in fear of law so long, so now it's not awkward
But what is law when it's wrong. When you slam us on the floor
Naw, this ain’t World Wrestling Entertainment Raw
This is Edutainment, y'all. Got a call from B. Dolan
You try to squabble with Johnny Law and get your meat swollen
Why you think Bobby and Huey P. were heat holding?
You better load the footage up and get to key stroking
And while you at it, send one off to the administration
It's indicating, all the physical intimidation
It's been too long they said to "bear with us."
That's when I run up on your caravan and rip off all your D.A.R.E. stickers
This here is near Hitler's. Weirder than some mere tickets
You feel privileged 'til your wife get her brassiere lifted
You disappear quick as Hoffa if you piss a copper
Off ya til you get a Channel 7 News helicopter
Violence hides in a code of silence, tyrants hide in an alliance
Quiet or be left somewhere, or get swept inside it
It's Goliath vs. a bigger giant
Got us pulling over so far we ran a curb and hit a hydrant
It's systematic how the system has its symptoms
Of the democratic law that's been flawed since the pilgrims landed
So now tell me what you wanna do? Next time you see the boys in blue
You cock your camera back and point and shoot

[Verse 3: Jasiri X]
Film the police! I got the Cannon 7D
Highest definition for when they try to arrest and lynch 'em
Then lie and protest the whippin', not serve and protect the victims
Their murders, threats and hitmen. Observe 'em and let the witness be
The iphone. Never let bygones be bygones
Get your flip cam before they get in the whip and ride on
It’s vital cause our survival could depend on a video going viral
With more viewers than American Idol
Instead of having to bury a child who
The cops shot cause they thought they carried a rifle
Then the same cops will go to court and swear on a bible
And smile to show the teeth that they're preparing to lie through
Whether Crips or Piru, Vice Lords or Gangsta Disciples
Make sure your camera lens gets an eyeful
And they liable to try and confiscate it
Better hold on to that shit like you're constipated
Cause they'll pretend them injuries were not related
Like, "When we arrived we saw him dive head first off the pavement."
So keep the mini cam stashed in the dash of your mini van
They'll crash and smash on any man
Pull out your Blackberry cause cops will take a shot at your black berry
'Til we see another black buried
Don't act scary, cause they’ll empty the gat on ya
Stand over your body just to sprinkle the crack on ya
Police attacking ya. Don’t want to see they reflections like Dracula
But cameras capture ya
Too busy using your flashlight to batter us
To notice John Singleton was my passenger
So point, click and shoot they asses
It's the only way to get the real truth to the masses
Jasiri X, I'm making movies like Spike Lee

User Comments for Film the Police (Ft. Buddy Peace, Jasiri X, Sage Francis & Toki Wright) Song


Horse Drawn

Shit like this brings me to tears, How did society fall so far.


Inquisitor Christopher

4:24 - Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now... I wonder if the stormtrooper knows she is a journalist.






videos like this make me want to watch every cop i see burn alive.


Jesse Rockwell

"Those in power ain't never worn a pair of dirty pants. But they're quick to kill your health insurance plans" sincerely, a long-time Sage fan



Thank you Sage - and strangefamousrecords for this and your other songs, esp. "Film the Police". I echo the comments below - you've made an old woman cry, even tho I don't usually like hip hop. You're a true patriot, and you're not alone. Thank you for standing up!!!



It does not matter who you are, if you like hip hop or not, it's undeniable, Sage Francis is a genius, period.



@conciousness88 Operation Northwoods has nothing to do with 9/11. The 9/11 commission was the investigation. Wasn't great, but there it is.


Jacob Pain

@staphinfection you've been playing to much xbox my friend, having to resort to violence means that your argument/cause does not have enough weight to change anything except by fear, the only way to change something is through the system not by destroying the system.



To the top two comments: The New World Order does not exist, and there is nothing to be "exposted" about 9/11. Focus on the real issues, like Occupy Wall Street is doing right now,.



YEARGHHH...lets all riot...on this dialogue.......



All that protesting seems to do is give the police MORE tax money to fend off the protesting..... If you want to change things, sorry, but you HAVE to resort to VIOLENCE. Storm the white house with guns, and I guarantee your message will be heard.



So many authority figures abuse their power!!! Its seriously overwhelming!!! Sage always brings some reason with words!!!


Jeremy Kean

They need to place this at Occupy Wallstreet.

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