King Bee B. Dolan

People just couldn’t accept the fact. It had to end. So maybe someday, to die. To be really dead, that must be glorious. To go on to a new life, without hanging around in these old bodies, caught up in immortality

Strange Famous

[Verse 1]
What up?
I invented ugly
I keep it all to myself
Nobody touch me
Strange Famous to the grave takes us buddy
Let’s make the hive look alive, I’m home, honey
(Yeah i’m a king bee)
(Buzz around your hive)
And through the winter I survive
With the family on my back
You gettin’ nickeled and dimed
Sign a manager for that
They must have crippled your pride
While they handle your task
You ass carry no, weight
They manufactured the swag
You passed, on some gimmicky
Critic pickin’ diminished shit [?]
Hipster backlash, the finicky middle-income kids
Love the hunting packs
And lash onto some ignorance
Ego tripping brats
They rap like they artistic
Suck my whizzle and shit
I seen a few talking slicker than the views
Word Associations cool
But don’t get made into fool
My dude, stay in school
And enjoy the ride cousin
And holla at the label
When you capable
Of saying something
(Yeah I’m a king bee)
(Buzz around your hive)

[Verse 2]
I don’t practice in the mirror
Don’t rap to a focus group
Don’t chase the moment, i’ll make the opposite, show it to you
Sucka a poet that’s what the fuck you supposed to do
You are in the footsteps of giants in the vocal booth
Running with the style like you surely own it
But you are not the father, Maury Povich (oh!)
I never let ‘em sponsor me with the expensive honesty
Never let ‘em censor me, or sense, that they accepted me
They don’t wanna grind out on the road like I do
They’d rather stay at home and hope to go viral
Drive [?] like machine parts of me left behind my
Years with my pairs and fuck it I feel fine

(Buzz around your hive)
(Yeah I’m a king bee)
Yeah, yeah i am
Ha ha ha ha ha
(Buzz around your hive)
They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps
So the name of my DJ is Buddy Peace
Did you see my honey? (Yeah)
Did you see my honey?
Yes sir!
(Yeah i’m a king bee)
(Yeah i’m a king bee)

[Phone Talking]
You got it goin’ on baby
You got those dick sucking lips
That hot yellow skin
That soft good hair
Oh yeah
I’d give it to you
I’d throw it at you
Then you’d throw it back and i would catch it with my ass cheeks
This is Ms. Nicolle Pride
And you are listening to House of Bees Vol. 2

Hey let this show go man I was enjoying it I was just identifying my presence
Uh mobile station check your mic cord you’re breaking up, uh, you’re barely understandable...

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