Stranger Psycho Side

Album Psycho Side

Everything you want is here
And now just try to come and get it

You don’t need to say who you are
And that’s because we know you are a stranger

You can stay if you want
But you’ll never be like us
You won’t fit here
Don’t look at me
Watch yourself (self, self)
Watch yourself

All you have in mind is here
But it belongs to us…you bastard

Get the fuck out of my face
Come on man, just leave me alone
Just leave me alone
Leave me alone

You won’t last more than a day
And that’s because you’ll never see the light here

Get the hell out of my place
Come on freak, just leave me alone

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Lacaverna Delunder

Bestias, me quedo con ganas de verlos en vivo, pero ya voy a poder!!


Franco Ariel Nuttini Rolon



Ivan Crue

muy buena banda


Ricardo Palacio



Miguel Zalazar


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