Our Great Deceiver Nehemiah

Album Lenore

Masked by a fallacious face
Torn between abiding facades
Screams have subsided and collapsed
Beneath the buried layers of the treacherous seas
A cure nowhere in sight
Enduring decades of defilement
The bonds of devotion come crashing down
With a fabricated grin, wallowing with pride
Hidden hypocrisy. dwindling sincerity
Both laced with abhorrence and
Dishonesty - each laced with filth
Weakened bones fell victim at the hands
Of the spoiled affection that began
Closely examine as no shards of truth spill
From the two-faced words of the ill
The rotting stench is universal and consumes all clarity
Open your desecrated, diluted chest
Dissect the wounds from yourself and let them drain
Pulling myself apart for no reason as you wither away
Scratch out your eyes
That were not meant to see this way

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