Tomorrow Fight The Fade

[Verse 1]
I keep going back, to the day we said “Goodbye”
The day we couldn’t believe our eyes, and all they could do is cry
I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, I should have answered your call that night
That night…

If I would’ve known, we wouldn’t have tomorrow
If I would’ve known, I’d be here today
There are so many things, I’d go back and change
If I would’ve known, I’d be here today
I’d be here today

[Verse 2]
Still it’s hard for me, to look at a picture of you
Knowing that I missed that chance, to tell you “I love you,” again
This life is so desolate without you here
I would’ve thought by now, I’d run out of tears
Out of tears…


Don’t let the sun go down before, you say what’s on your heart
You might not get another chance. Don’t live your life in regret!


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