Breaking Perceptions Fight The Fade

[Verse 1]
I was running for so long
Misguided as I was
I found myself to be holed up
And cut off from Your love
Then You came to me today, You pulled my soul out of this cave
Gave me eyes to see, and completely rescued me
Now I believe

Go! I’ll go, wherever you have called me to, I know
They’ll know, the message that You bring because I believe

[Verse 2]
Now you’ve told me everything
That I’ve ever done
You say You have this living spring
I can draw my water from
You say that there’s a destiny
Set in front of me
You say that there are places, I need to be...


Shake!, up the standard, and
Break!, your perception of
Grace!, we’ll keep shouting
Until the walls come down!


The message that You bring, I believe
The message that You bring, I believe
I believe

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