A Virgin Burial Nehemiah

Clouds hasten in the frozen sky, as this hour becomes as pale as the last. Watching the sun shrink to oblivion, I try to remember the last time that I felt alive. The vast fields of life have become empty with passion and empty of our eyes. Where does this road lead again? Perhaps I was hoping to find something that didn't exist. The torturous rain descends one last time. Be silent. Be still. Here is where the light becomes thin, and the obscurity revealed. Underneath the scars holds nothing more than what brought me here; to rest with this silence. And here i lay. Cast me into this blaze. leave me to burn. All this time, thinking i knew why, but that has been forsaken. Fearing that i am lost and falling into a trap again, how was I made to believe? An existent beauty vieled. Manking has been formed into a struggle for power - The capability to devestate and to manipulate our eyes into untruth. The chaos shall be instilled into the footsteps of man, as we plunge into the depths of immortality. Fighting to extinguish. Killing to live on

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